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    I remember the "sand" they used when I lived in Castlegar BC, 20 years ago. Really crappy stuff that ranged from very fine (which made mud) to pea size which punched car windshields and paint jobs. I think I would rather have the salt!

    Still no salt on the local roads unless they decide to put down a bunch for tonight's flurries. Environment Canada says 9° for Friday and 11° for Saturday. Got stuff to do tomorrow but Saturday might be a possibility for a ride.
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    The Counties up here use a combination of road salt and cheese brine to treat the road surfaces. Unfortunately, because they get the cheese brine for free from the Cheese Producers, they have been slathering it on the roads for two months now. Because of extremely tight budgets up here, once salt products lose their effectiveness below about 12 degrees F., they can't afford the expensive Chloride treatments, and the ice begins to build up on the roadways. The smaller Townships don't have sufficient funds to purchase road salt, so they rely solely on sand to treat their roads. Given the fact that our average daily high temperature is well below freezing for the whole month of January, travel can be quite treacherous mid Winter.
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    Trash, I have to ask: do the roads smell of cheese?
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    A little snow (2 cm) yesterday and (predictably) some salt on the road. However, looks like we will get some rain to wash it away and some decent temperatures over the next week!
    Maybe I will get out a couple more times...
    We have had years when the ground is covered with snow before Halloween and doesn't reappear until mid-April.

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