argentia ferry?

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  1. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    heading east (currently in twilingate) thinking of taking ferry from argentia to nova scotia. basically not looking forward to more hauling ass on a two lane highway in the wind. plus i'd have more time to explore.

    anything i need to know? four hours added travel time on the ferry. some added cost i'd guess. anything else?!
  2. HunterSon

    HunterSon Member

    Twice the cost of the PAB ferry. Get a Cabin if you can. Expensive but so worth it on the night crossing. The Vision is Marine Atlantic's nicest boat.

    Murph and I shared a cabin on our way to NS this year to meet the Soiree crowd. I was under the weather and the extra sleep and comfort of the cabin was worth every penny compared to riding across the TCH in the wind and the rain with a head cold. Made the next day of riding much more enjoyable.

    The buffet wasn't cheap but the food was good. Murph definately got his money's worth!
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  3. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    Lots of people without a cabin sleep on the furniture and floor. But I too would recommend a cabin! If you have the time and the weather, Ship Harbour is a nice place to visit along the way to the ferry.
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  4. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    ok. thanks for the good heads ups.

    so they are sold out of cabins but put me i a wait list for some room that is like 280 plus the passage (don't think i can hammer the wallet for that anyway). leave thursday with confirmed passage though. will check out ship harbour. may do st. pierre since i have the time and speak a little french.

    i guess i am going to grab my sleeping bag and jet to the second or third floor to find floor space or couch and possibly electrical outlet?! i'm rocking a pap machine so if i can get an outlet it would be ideal with no cabin.
  5. versys Rob

    versys Rob Member

    There is a back room on the Vision that has a TV and about 30 airplane like seats that are free. I am sure there are electrical outlets in there. Pop in some air plugs to block out the tv and off to a restful sleep you go. Your wallet is more full. This has worked for me in the past. I think it is on the 8th floor.

    keep it between the mayo and the mustard
    Versys Rob
  6. HunterSon

    HunterSon Member

    On the way back from out trip this summeron the PAB ferry, Scooter inflated his air mattress and slept on the floor. I was jealous.
  7. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    Also a good idea to turn your phone data off. As the ship sails near st Pierre your phone may pick up a signal in which international charges will apply. Ask me how I know
  8. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    awesome. big help. 8th floor is a big boat.

    so the deal is get strapped down quick and have your sleep kit kit ready to go...?
  9. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    shoot. /thanks/
  10. Clipper

    Clipper Member

    Deck 8......towards the back. I slept there on the deck a few years ago. Probably 8 or 10 people there. Washroom at the back.....can't remember if it it had a shower or not.
  11. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    yeah, so deck 7 is in the front apparently with dining couches and deck 8 is to the back? is this floor space? any outlets?

    are both these on the same (second? third?) floor?

    sorry to keep asking but a good spot will be important i think and going to the wrong spot will be a drag...
  12. Detective McNulty

    Detective McNulty New Member

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to the island! (I'm one of the three guys you met at Hotel North in HV-GB last week! 2 DR650's and 1 KLR650). How did the airhead hold up on the Trans-Lab?
  13. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    good to hear from you. just had a blast. she did awesome. ride to red bay was awesome (i finally aired down). somehow managed to land in st. john's just now. then i roll out to what looks to be a bumpy ferry ride tomorrow. ride on secondary roads north were awesome as well.
    been on the road for 3 weeks now. sad to leave. next time will have to go with a couple guys and camp.
    you guys looked like a road-ready crew!
    love to keep in touch.
    - jon
  14. versys Rob

    versys Rob Member

    Do you have a place to stay tonight? Wed, Aug 16? I am in CBS and may help if required

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  15. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    /thanks/ big time.
    checked into the captain's quarter's. lol. super over-priced and a tad sketched out for sure. hopefully no one gets stabbed tonight. that said, if someone does get stabbed i'll have gotten my money's worth!
    will pm you with a proper thanks
  16. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    so, i guess i am going to ask at the ferry but anyone happen to know if both of these spaces are /inside)?
  17. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    You could give this a try, but not sure how quick their response is.


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  18. hotwheels22

    hotwheels22 New Member

    aok. THANKS. i saw that and didn't call but a call today gets me a heads up that i need my confirmation # to board. also that i am wait listed for a four berth (didn't know).
    will report back on final lodging with respect to floor space or chairs etcetera.
    thanks aka ton
  19. RossKean

    RossKean Member

    First time I travelled to NL by ferry (with bike), I took the Argentia ferry over and PaB return to N. Sydney. Never bothered with a cabin but did reserved seating. The second time, I tried the same but due to a problem with one of the boats on the PaB run, they took the Smallwood off the Argentia run to relieve the backlog since they can move a lot more people on the shorter route. Ever since, I have always taken the Port aux Basques ferry in both directions - night crossing, no cabin or reserved seating. It probably takes LESS time to get to St. John's (from N. Sydney) taking the PaB ferry, as long as you don't mind an additional 8 to 9 hours or so on the road. There have been a couple of times when I hit truly horrible weather that I regretted the decision to ride to or from the west coast!

    My trips are for RIDING, not voyaging. I manage different side trips going each way to break up the trip and the overall cost is much less; especially without the cabin.
  20. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    When I planned my TLH trip I had to decide CW or CCW. And I decided to go CCW, as day One was full of energy leaving St.John's and no need for an overnight ferry ride from Argentia. Then on the return to the rock 10 days later, the overnight ferry, (soft bed and hot shower) into Argentia was a perfect way to end a trip.
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