argentia ferry?

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    yeah. i did CW cause i knew i'd be thinking about labrador the whole way.

    so any word on the ferry to maine? i may do that one too and cut out some riding. have to stop in York, ME on the way back to boston.
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    I took the ferry from Yarmouth to Maine last summer on one of the first runs. It was great. Comfortable boat. Coffee was delicious. Fast, mostly aluminum. Decks are very slippery when riding your bike on. This year they have been having troubles with one of the engines so the crossings have been taking longer. last time I looked on the website the engine was not supposed to be fixed till September. I think the crossing took about 5.5 hours but now you have to add 1 or 2. Trash may know, he travelled on it in early July. Riding the coast down to Yarmouth through Lunenburg, etc is a treat if you've never been. Some wonderful riding out of Portland going west too as you probably know.
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    I did indeed take this Ferry about a month ago, and concur with Tony's opinion.
    One engine was still inoperable, so coupled with severe weather as we entered Portland Harbor, our trip was over eight hours.
    I did spend most of the trip on the aft deck, chatting with the other bikers who gathered out there.
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