Possible Newfoundland Trip in August...


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OK. I am going to try to get to Newfoundland this year. Going to start looking at ferry and campground reservations this week and taking a look at long term weather forecasts. I will see if I can make some definitive plans (maybe week of August 16). I will know by the end of this week if this is going to happen or whether it might have to wait until next year.

I was last there in 2017 but only managed a six day trip – almost not worth it. Started with an ambitious plan but ended out going home several days earlier than expected due to a crappy long-term weather forecast. Before that, I did a ten day trip in 2014 – about ideal for me. (Three or four other bike trips to NL in the previous ten years or so.) I think I would like to see some new (to me) regions and revisit some old favorites. I tend to do far more riding than stopping and probably don’t give some areas the attention they deserve – a lot of these are just quick stops along the way. I hope to camp most nights and will be looking for some suggestions. I have stayed at a number of provincial campgrounds in the past but might consider some cheaper (or free) alternatives. I would arrive and leave via Port aux Basques.

· Saint Barbe , ferry to Blanc-Sablon, camp at Pinware spend a day or two riding paved roads in Labrador
· Baie Verte Peninsula – I a did a quick run up to Fleur-de-Lys and back maybe 10 years ago but did no exploring in the region. Needs at least a day and I would welcome suggestions on the most worthwhile places to see. Free camping at Rattling Brook or paid at Flatwater Pond.
· Connaigre Peninsula – I expect a day and a half or so to go down and back visiting St. Albans, Belleoram, English Harbour, Harbour Breton and Seal Cove. Will have to find suitable accommodations in the region for one or two nights.
· Eastport Peninsula
· Random Island. (camp at Lockston Path in Bonavista if I can get a reservation.)
· Chance Cove
· Southwest Avalon Peninsula (Cape St. Mary’s)
· I would like to do Fogo as well but don’t think I will make it there this trip

Old Favorites:
· Port au Port Peninsula
· Lark Harbour (camp at Blow-Me-Down)
· Trout River and Norris Point
· Port aux Choix
· Twillingate (camp at Dildo Run, if available)
· Bonavista Peninsula circuit. Up to lighthouse in Bonavista and stop at Trinity Bay (Lockston Path)
· Burin Peninsula circuit – Camp at Frenchman’s Cove
· Irish Loop – side trip to Saint Shott’s?
· Burgeo and Sandbanks if I have a spare day
· Rose Blanche

This is all very tentative and I still have to figure out the order as well as which places I would see on the way out to the east coast and which ones I would visit on the way back to the ferry. I would like to be as flexible as possible to accommodate a change in plans due to finding something especially interesting (or hitting some bad weather). Hard to do if you are completely constrained by reservations.

Anyway, I'll post some maps once plans have gelled a bit more. I would very much welcome suggestions for places to see and/or places to camp.