New noise cancelling headphones in design here. Join in!


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I was recently contacted by Kim Thistle to help her son in his new noise cancelling headphone concept development. He is a new MUN Bsc graduate who won a big award for his design concept of noise cancelling headphones for motorcycle riders under the brand name Audyse.

His mother is kindly helping him do data work by contacting riders to do a short survey to help him determine exactly what is needed/wanted out there in our Moto world. I did it today and it is pretty short and painless and Kim is very nice to deal with completing it.

I told her I would put up a thread on here to invite more people to do the survey to help this project along.

Personally I think it's great to see a Newfoundland company working to bring new technology to the world and for once it pertains to all of us on motorcycles.

I encourage all of you on here to contact Kim and put in your own 2 cents so we can have more better earphone options for riding.

Her email addy is: