Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists


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I turned 50 this year and one thing I regret is not taking better care of my hearing when I was younger. During my University years, you just didn't wear ear plugs at the old Breezeway or at music concerts. I'm scared to go to a hearing specialist because I know my hearing is not what it should be. Add in a decade of riding motorcycles and I'm pretty sure that ringing noise is here to stay.

I've been trying to develop better habits on the bike like using ear plugs on the highway. I hate the way foam plugs leave me disconnected from what the bike is doing. In some ways I find the foam plugs to be worse by inducing some deep down lower frequency vibrations in my head that takes time to wear off after the ride and causes fatigue. I happened to mention ear plugs to Keith at The Toy Box earlier this year and he tossed me a new set of ear plugs to try that he himself had found to be the the real solution. They are made by Earpeace - -Moto Original and they come with three different "inserts" that are meant to act as filters to remove certain frequencies of sound as well as reduce the decibels. They come with a metal case with three plugs in total for when you inevitably loose one. I tried the mid range filter first and found an enormous difference over the foam plugs. I could still hear the bike and what was going on around me but the harmfull ringing in the ears was noticeably reduced. I then tried the highest level of noise protetion using the black filter. This one worked the best for me. One day I was getting geared up for a ride and had put the ear plugs in and was doing up the helmet when I got a call on the cell phone from my wife. I was easily able to talk to her on the phone without removing the helmet and hear every word yet after my ride I did not have the lingering ringing in the ears. What sorcery is this?

I think I would easily be able to use these ear plugs for hearing protection as well as use my Sena headset to talk to my riding buddy. Hopefully I get to test this in Spring 2021.

So if you have annoying ringing in your ears that lingers after a long ride then maybe go see Keith and consider giving them a try. Your future self might thank you one day.

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