Checked Gear Searches


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On a recent flight home I had my checked luggage searched. The suitcase contained my little backpacking stove and pot, my pocket knife, a mini Spot Tracker for a friend, and a still boxed 6" CBN grinding wheel for my brother. I've flown with everything except the grinding wheel before so I guess that was the culprit. The letter below don't say.
I 'declared' the contents when I checked in the baggage but I'm wondering if any of the frequent flyers here know anything about why Transport Canada searches luggage?
I was also pulled aside for an 'additional' personal security check when I went thru security, so I'm wondering if you've had your luggage searched did you also get pulled aside or was that just a coincidence?
Anyway there was no inconvenience or anything to me, but I don't fly that often so I'm just curious about frequent flyers' experience.
Those little luggage zipper locks allows Transport Canada to open and lock your luggage again after a search. My wife insists we use them instead of zip ties.o_O