What did you do to your ATV today???

Discussion in 'ATV/UTV' started by fortech, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Wayne

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    I’m thinking my quad will get some use this summer, so I invested in some new wheels/radial tires for my trailer. Regular $140 each on sale for $80 each at Princess Auto. Plus I had a $25 gift card, so it was a good deal!

    957A2A9F-6655-4574-A469-3384525F162A.jpeg 2E03CD69-D54D-41CD-A279-B287990D84B1.jpeg
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  2. Relic

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    Some purty lookin' now!

    That does seem like a good price too.
  3. Backdraft

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    20200519_113320.jpg 20200520_114836.jpg 20200520_155919.jpg 20200520_190025.jpg 20200521_192219.jpg Fabricating a couple if doors for the Ranger
    One done...
    Got to find some decent plastic sheet for skin. Can use diamond plate aluminum.. but rather black plastic
    I could go with plexiglass and paint inside black ...
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