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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Backdraft, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Backdraft

    Backdraft Member

    Hello fellow RTRers

    I am thinking of completing the TLH again this summer. I know Goose to Lab city is paved, what about from Red Bay to Goose (any work there completed) ... but I am mostly wondering about Lab City to baie Comeau? When we did it a few years back, there were sporatic sections done from Lab city to Manic 5....


  2. Bill

    Bill Member

    Goose to Lab City is done, I also heard that a good portion from Goose to Red Bay is also done. Lab City to Baie Comeau is also being worked on but not sure how much. That came from my brother who lives in Lab City.
  3. fortech

    fortech Member

    I asked a Lab resident just a few days ago what was done. I was told no new pavement from the Red Bay end, and approximately 80-100 kms has been paved south of Goose.
  4. skibum69

    skibum69 Member

    I believe close to 80 km south of Goose, I drove up in November.
  5. CanADvlady78

    CanADvlady78 New Member

    Planning on doing this myself this summer starting in late July from the Quebec side and ending in NS, on my Tiger Xrx. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the road info here. Trying to gather as much info as possible. Just have stock tires on her. From what I gather, I should be fine. Just ride slower in the gravel. However in some videos I've seen some super soft looking areas particularly around construction zones that are a bit of a concern. Any input you can offer is welcome.
  6. Wayne

    Wayne Active Member

    CanADvlady78, I haven't done this route since 2012, so I'm sure much more pavement is in place now. But the sections of the gravel road tends to change without notice, as the road wears down the gravel gets pushed to the shoulder of the road. A grader will push that gravel from both sides, to the middle of the road which leaves a berm, so watch for this. The grader will then spread that berm out evenly across the road, which becomes loose gravel and a little uneasy for some riders.

    The section from Lab City to Manic Cinq had lots of heavy equipment traveling the road, and none slowed down for the bikers. But many had a flagging truck leading the way, so at least it will give you some warning. Lots of dust when they pass, so try and look well ahead into your route before the truck passes. The gravel road around Fire Lake had some twisties, and it seemed some of the work pickup trucks drive pretty fast into the corners. I saw one pickup in the ditch and another fish tailing around a corner.

    My signature has a link to a video of this run from 2012, if you want to check it out.
  7. CanADvlady78

    CanADvlady78 New Member

    That's a wicked video! Love the soundtrack. What did you use to edit it? Looks like it was a great time for you all. Thanks for the info. Appreciate you making the time to give some feedback. Cheers!
  8. gnurob

    gnurob Member

    Anytime your bike gets washy on the loose gravel just stand up.
  9. sleepyhead65

    sleepyhead65 Member

    and giv'er!
  10. skibum69

    skibum69 Member

    Yeah, you need to gas it when you stand up to keep the front wheel light, if you hit the brakes you'll probably dig in and toss it.

    Otherwise the road is in good shape right now.
  11. Gregg J.

    Gregg J. New Member

    Awesome video! Kind of makes me want to sell my ST 1300 and get something for the trail!
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  12. skibum69

    skibum69 Member

    Good little video, looks like you lot had a bit of fun!

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