SOMEONE loves the snow.... Just not me!

Discussion in 'Mos Eisleys Space Bar' started by dresda, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. dresda

    dresda Member

  2. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    Ha, took my two little furballs out Christmas tree hunting today. Something about the snow makes em wild!
  3. Aratinga

    Aratinga Member

    That was supremely cute!
  4. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    They don't look like they are in a festive mood, mostly cause they're're focused on the treat I'm holding by the camera! They were outside for about 8 hours yesterday in the fresh snow, didn't even get out of bed for their breakfast this morning! haha.


    What kind of pup is that dresda?
  5. ProZac

    ProZac New Member

    Thanks for the video. Funny how dogs always seem to love the snow so much. My dog would stay out and play all day if I let him. Absolutely loves the white stuff.

  6. dresda

    dresda Member

    He's a mutt! We found him about 6 years ago on the side of a road about 200kms from home when we were on the bikes. Fortunately we were able to persuade a local to keep him over night and we went back in the car to get him.

    He's a Jack Russell Terrier mix, maybe crossed with border collie or beagle, its hard to say, but he's very intelligent and trainable so I'm thinking the border collie is more likely. He's got all the piss and vinegar of the Jack Russell including the agression. His is based on fear though so he's not great with strangers but once he gets to know you he's a sweetheart. He's met Murph and Skibum and Aratinga and is buddies with them all.
  7. keith

    keith Active Member

    All the dogs are cute! Loved the video! haha
  8. ProZac

    ProZac New Member

    Very awesome of you to give him a good home! I figured he was a bit of Parson Jack Russell for sure wire the wiry fur. We rescued our little guy too from a family that no longer had the time he deserves.
  9. skibum69

    skibum69 Well-Known Member

    I love the snow! Going skiing in Japan on my way homeā€¦.
  10. Aratinga

    Aratinga Member

    He's a sweety - just gotta let him warm up to ya!
  11. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Having a dog biscuit in your hand helps. Good dog.

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