Sleeping pad

Discussion in 'Gear & Apparel' started by Wayne, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

  2. Relic

    Relic Member

    Looks like a nice fitout. All we need is winter to go away. The sooner, the better. ;)
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    A little more expensive if you buy it locally...The Outfitters sells it for $179 for the one I have. And they also have the same but with more insulation for $199...the material is a little more thicker, heavier, doesn't pack as small.
  4. HerrDeacon

    HerrDeacon Active Member

    That looks mighty comfy, you'll be sleeping in until noon on that. The packed size it nice and small too, which is something I like.
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    Last year she gave me a sleeping bag and this year a sleeping pad. I'm starting to see a trend....maybe I'm being sent to the dog house.
  6. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    A least you'll be warm and comfortable!
  7. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    She's thoughtful like that, lol. BTW, how did you get the quote feature to work? My quote feature and edit feature does not work. And my typing goes from right to left!
  8. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    How thick is it inflated?
  9. Wayne

    Wayne Well-Known Member

    I think 3", you won't feel the ground.
  10. skibum69

    skibum69 Active Member

    I bought a Big Agnes pad and it got mould inside and then the fabric broke down and it leaked away. Back to my light and a bit thin Thermarest.
  11. HunterSon

    HunterSon Active Member

    I better check my inflatable mattress before the trip this year. Never thought about mould.
  12. fortech

    fortech Active Member

    Just adds to the R Value lol

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