Said good bye to fast red ST1300

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by versys Rob, May 9, 2019.

  1. versys Rob

    versys Rob Active Member

    Tonight I said good bye to my fast red St1300. Hopefully it went to a good home.
    It just fit me right. Like an 'ol pair of slippers.
    Now I begin a new relationship with my faster, newer blue St1300!!!
    Also sold my vintage Honda XR 100. Also provided many hours of fun. Replaced it with a Konkar SE 200. Apparently it has Suzuki Dr motor and parts. I need an air box for that one. Carb intake is 2inches. Anyone got one? I will try Reid's tomorrow.
  2. versys Rob

    versys Rob Active Member

  3. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    You should have threw the slippers you are wearing in on the deal. The red was ugly but it suited you.
  4. Bob

    Bob Active Member

    Really like that blue. Top box go with the bike?
  5. Jim C-G

    Jim C-G Active Member

    The red ones are never ugly... they just go by too fast for most people to appreciate them.
    Rob.... hope to see you on the road, on the blue one this summer. I'm knuckles deep in maintenance this weekend and hope to have a test run on Monday. It's been too cold to even be in the shed working. I hit the road for 2 weeks a week from Monday. I need to learn about camping in warmer weather lol.
  6. RossKean

    RossKean Active Member

    About this time last year, I acquired a new-to-me, well farkled, low mileage silver 2011 Yamaha FJR on a Fly'nRide from British Columbia back to New Brunswick.

    The 295,000 km black cherry 2007 FJR that it replaced sold just last October. That bike took me to a lot of places over the eight years I had it - I put on all but about 20,000 of those km! I will miss her.

    Looking forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with the new girl.

    Enjoy the new blue beast!

    (Pic taken at my daughter's place in Winnipeg on the way back home from BC)

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  7. Gregg J.

    Gregg J. Member

    Lots more room in the garage with one gone.... what will fill the space?
  8. versys Rob

    versys Rob Active Member

    I filled my garage space with a dirty 'ol street and trail 200cc. So far having a blast on the trails.
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