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  1. Delboy

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    Now that the members (MP's) for Labrador and Humber-St. Barbe -Baie Verte have eradicated poverty, housed the homeless, found jobs for everyone, completed all new infrastructure, and satisfied the wants of all their constituents, etc., etc., these Canadian elected officials are now free to solve the problems of the World. To wit, solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

    ...draw conclusions about the potential for successful peace arrangements.
  2. Clipper

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    Our tax payers money hard at work!
  3. Apok

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    Seems like pretty standard operating. Government representatives being involved in what appears to be a very serious international event. One which Canada, as a long-standing stalwart of international law and peacekeeping operations, may very well be involved in.

    If you're going to complain, try and make it more intelligent than whats found on the VOCM comments section.
  4. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    It is, Israeli/Palestinian conflict, a very serious international event. But really, what can two long time public trough dwellers accomplish?

    Neither member is a government representative or a member of the official opposition.
  5. Clipper

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    "public trough dwellers" Ha!! Love it!
  6. Digger

    Digger Member

    I thought it was quite intelligent, and witty.
  7. Apok

    Apok Member

    And you would send whom as a representative? I suppose if it was only government members people would howl that the opposition is never represented. You send Diplomats and bureaucrats and it doesn't make the news and costs effectively the same. This is the reality of politics, it doesn't matter unless your visible. You maintain a public perception. Like I said, standard operating it looks like.

    Compare it to private industry, if a related company is under threat and requires management assistance it is likely you will send a representative to evaluate the situation no?

    Again, if you want to make an argument about government policy, it will be much more credible if you don't resort to idiotic soundbytes like "public trough dwellers."
  8. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    This trip is neither government standard operations or government policy. It is a trip, to Israel, financed by the CJIA, for some of our elected representatives (MP's) and unelected representatives (senators).
  9. Apok

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    MP's often visit other countries whom we have relations with, or are important in terms of global geopolitics.

    I.e. a number of MP's visited Haiti in the wake of the disaster there. Many diplomats and government officials visited Japan in the wake of the tidal wave which affected their country. Canadian MP's assisted with the observation of the recent election in the Ukraine. I suspect you have similar outrage?

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