How times change

Discussion in 'Mos Eisleys Space Bar' started by Spiff, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Spiff

    Spiff Member

    An interesting comparison.

    Poor fellow is beat out pounding on that wheel nut.

  2. Doug

    Doug New Member

    Amazing, can anyone make a list, of what was done in those few seconds?
  3. THop

    THop Member

    1950 only 4 people allowed, no impact guns, 67 seconds.
    2013 approx 20 people surround the car, impact gun used for everything, maybe 3 seconds lol. Oh how times change
  4. Spiff

    Spiff Member

    Today , typically, they just change tires. Sometimes a front wing adjustment. When required by a crash, a change of the whole nose section which is done in mere seconds if all goes well. They don't fuel up anymore, which I think takes away from the pit stop, but the fuel strategy plays a much smaller part. That has gone a long way to reduce the F1 parade where the race basically ended as it started. Passes were made in the pits not on the track. But even fueling only added a couple seconds to the pit stop. They use plastic tear-offs on the visors so the non-existent windshield doesn't need cleaning. Also drivers eat less than supermodels, so the eating of the pork chop dinner in the pits while waiting is not required. They also have a water supply in the car assuming they weigh less then a 10 year old girl, if not they don't take water as it weighs too much. Only the British drivers sip tea in the car while the tires are changed, I think it's a law or something.
  5. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    I know the pit stop is incredibly fast but if you replay in slomo you should notice that they actually change out the whole wheel and not just the tyres.:p
  6. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    This is in stark contrast to some who leave the road side diner with a belly full of jigs dinner then struggle to get a leg over their Big Beast of a Beemer.
  7. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Heyyy....I resemble that remark.
    Last time I came through the Baie Verte junction the restaurant there was closed though. I hope they re-open this year because they cooked a good Jigs Dinner.
  8. Delboy

    Delboy Member

    Oops! Sorry, Murph, I forgot you have a Beemer too. :D I'll have to take better aim with my sarcasm, eh, Spiff. :D
  9. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    No apologies necessary.
    My gear shrunk this past couple of seasons and this winter was tough trying to mount with a straight leg because of the milk crate.
  10. Digger

    Digger Member

    Swimming in the ocean a lot were you Murph?
  11. murph

    murph Well-Known Member

    Actually I skipped the Polar Bear Dip this year. My neon pink speedos didn't fit anymore.
  12. Mccarroll

    Mccarroll New Member

    :eek: tell me they are not high vis????
  13. dresda

    dresda Member

    I don't miss the refueling at all. Mind you I started following F1 in the 80s when they weren't refueling. I remember too many fires, the worst was when Verstappen's car got doused in fuel and ignited. And there were all the incidents with drivers taking off before the rig was clear of the car. No, I don't miss that at all!

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