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Discussion in 'Mos Eisleys Space Bar' started by THop, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. keith

    keith Active Member

    This winter is crazy! I usually dont mind the snow but its time for this shit to stop.
  2. THop

    THop Member

    Yup i agree with you 100% hmm iwonder if its gonna keep snowin like this all winter? I sure hope not!
  3. -Cy-

    -Cy- Member

    My next investments a nice snowblower, lol. Congrats on the house, welcome to the endless labor that is home ownership!
  4. ProZac

    ProZac New Member

    Ahhhh winter. Money falling from the sky :)
  5. THop

    THop Member

    Oh i know it will be an endless bill, but hopefully not to bad of a bill after the first year of renos lol. Im looking into gettin a 54" cut snowblower for my quad when i get the house finished. I would get a 48" cut but my bike is wider than by about 4" lol

    I think it is powered nuisances falling from the sky lol. Espically after being 4 days tryin to get to quebec to join a ship and so far ive made it to Toronto. Well in a few hours il know if 4 days is the total or if 5 days will be the magic number lol

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