Hobo Nickels

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    03EAFE54-AE31-43A6-9C02-852D845E63FD.jpeg So, I was helping The Mrs sort through her Mom’s belongings, and was assigned the task of cataloguing her long dead husband’s meager coin collection.

    Imagine my surprise when I came across a very strange nickel, dated 1936.
    Utilizing the wonder of the Internet, I soon discovered that what I held in my hand was what is called a “Hobo Nickel”. Nobody knows who started the practise, but apparently, certain skilled Hobos would while away the time on those long freight train rides by meticulously sculpting new images on quarters, which they would exchange for food or lodging. The buffalo nickels of the 1930s were favored due to their thickness, hardness, and size. Based on my limited research, it seem possible that the one in my possession was made by one of the most famous sculptors, Bert Weigand, but I am only basing my guess on a similarity in style.
    There is actually an “Original Hobo Nickel Society” who will happily evaluate my hobo nickel for the small fee of $30 plus postage both ways. Who would have known?
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    That's a pretty neat find with a good story!
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    very cool
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    Interesting stuff. It would be nice to know if it had any substantial value. The $30 fee plus postage isn't all that much but if truly valuable, it would probably get "lost" in the mail. Certainly a conversation piece even if its sale wouldn't finance your retirement .
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    Interesting story, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if my old man had some in his possession over the years. I'll have to ask mom if she knows.

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