Discovery Trail or Baccalieu Trail?

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  1. murph

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    Either of the proposed routes is a good ride. I would leave it open to the weather. A run through the fog on the bottom of the Avalon is no fun for a tourist but if it is foggy there the chances are good it will be nicer in Bonavista. The wind off the water type of thing.
  2. sleepyhead65

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    true dat
  3. Mcards83

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    Thanks everyone for the great info. Much appreciated. What are the speed limits around Cape Shore and the Irish Loop?
  4. gnurob

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    Usually 80 km/h, and 50 km/h in towns. There are some wide open stretches, if you get my drift, and also some rough patches to even things out.
  5. skibum69

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    I live on the Bacalieu Trail.;)
  6. skibum69

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    There are no sections above 80 km/h

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