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    Cape Race was mentioned in a ride report a few days ago and I wondered what it was significant for and looked it up on Wikipedia.

    It's the lighthouse that received the distress calls from the Titanic.

    But, on the wikipedia page there is a photo and I'm wondering if it comes from Ride the Rock!

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  4. Wayne

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    In addition to the Titanic reference, Cape Race is near or part of Mistaken Point, home of the oldest fossils in the world, dating over 500 million years!
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    And that photo is so evocative of RTR! Maybe from the Lighthouse Trophy thread in RTR 1 ?
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    The Titanic story goes that the operator who was supposed to be on duty went to bed and left a young fellow named Myrick to man the station. He took the call and alerted the next station in the chain. He was sworn to secrecy so the operator would not get in trouble for abandoning his post but confessed on his deathbed that the story was true.
    Folklore also tells that was also the light that was supposedly covered up to have ships run aground and the locals could secure the salvage. The deaths of these sailors were where the ghosts that drove the people to leave the community of Chance Cove to abandon the village.
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    Yup I think that was JMP's bike, I don't think he went to far in the lighthouse game back in the day.

    Mistaken Point was just recently identified as having the oldest fossils in the world of those organisms. It's a pretty cool little tour, worth the trip.
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    I got a decent Cape Race photo a few weeks ago on my Newfoundland trip.
    Absolutely stunning day!!

    Cape Race.jpg
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    That's a KLR that I used to have and my pic, don't recall placing it on the wikipedia site but who knows :)

    Attached a pic from the same day - November 2007

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