Calgary to Hyder Alaska - weekend trip

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    Hello all, here's a few pics of a weekend trip from Calgary AB to Hyder Alaska starting on a Thursday afternoon and finishing on Sunday night. 2018 mile(3248kms), it was a good weekend. Three bikes, all different - KTM 1290, Gold Wing and my FJR1300.

    The first night was in a tent, the second in a Brothel and third in a police station - all of the makings of a great bike trip.

    Wednesday night all loaded to roll with an obligatory beer, I kept the bluestar for along the way :)

    First stop Lake Louise with my buddy Ken

    Columbia ice fields highway
    Mark brought a special treat for the long journey

    First night campfire in Jasper, tenting was great

    Ran into this Polaris Slingshot in Burns Lake BC

    Turning up the Alaska Highway

    Hyder, Alaska
    20170707_213150.jpg 20170707_213137.jpg 20170707_213131.jpg 20170707_212308.jpg 20170707_212159.jpg 20170707_212146.jpg

    This is the bar that you can get Hyderized at, you drink a shot of 151 proof ever clear and get a certificate. The walls are papered with one dollar bills
    20170707_212216.jpg 20170707_212445.jpg 20170707_212504.jpg
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    This is the brothel we stayed in in Stewart BC, it truly is an old Brothel from way back that is refurbished into part of the Ripley Creek Lodge. Highly recommend this.

    The front of the Ripley Creek Lodge - Main Street

    A car mounted to a track machine
    20170708_083845.jpg 20170708_083850.jpg

    Looking out into the sound in Stewart, Hyder is down to the far right but not visible in this pic

    Heading home after a relaxing 12 hours in Hyder/Stewart. Myself, Ken and Mark.
    20170708_114119.jpg 20170708_114128.jpg

    The Bear Glacier
    20170708_123334.jpg 20170708_123358.jpg

    Some funky flowers

    The last night was in a VRBO, it was an old police station converted to a BnB, nice place.

    Back in Calgary with a clean bike and some miles on. My bike came from the US and everything is in miles.
    20170709_194548.jpg 20170711_180836.jpg

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  3. Bob

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    Big ride! The smiles say it all:) Feel free to say good stuff about your FJR and thanks for posting.
  4. keith

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    Awesome ride report and pictures. Thanks for posting!
  5. murph

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    Great bike for big miles at a spirited pace. Good way to burn a weekend. Did you have any issues with the fires or the smoke from them?
  6. Wayne

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    Great report and pics, thanks!
  7. Dougger

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    Excellent Ride Report. Thanks for sharing and hope all is well.
  8. skibum69

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    Nice run!
  9. JMP

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    No issues other than a bird hit on my friends Honda that blew an explosion of feathers and bike vent parts back at me :) It was a good run with no failures, the FJR is good at 'spirited'. We did have some smoke in Prince George with lost of sightings of the chemical bombers, our last night was in McBride and there was concern on not being any fuel to continue but we arrived later in the night and were able to find fuel, and a couple of local beer. :)
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    All is good Doug, I like to read the reports on RTR just not as frequent as before, hope all is well here as well.
  11. JMP

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    Seeing how I got new video software for the Baja trip i put together a short video from Alaska. The FJR has Innovv K1 cameras permanently mounted facing forward and backward to record like a dashcam.

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  12. Bob

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    Thanks for the update JMP. How do you find the Innovv K1? I'm looking for something that's not to fiddly.
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    I see you bought your bike from the US as well (display in miles and °F) - I got my FJR from a guy in Connecticut with only 12,000 miles (20,000 km) on it (It's a 2007 I got in 2010). Lots of kilometers since then - will hit 300,000 by about next May, I think. I hope to do Alaska next year (maybe). At least as far as the Arctic Circle sign.

    Nice pics, it looks like you had a great trip!
  14. JMP

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    The Innovv works good but sometimes has a glitch where you have to restart it or it talks and doesn't start the video. Overall the quality is good but not as good as the gopro but very convenient. I like the GPS tracking and speed reference as when you complete a loop you can stitch together all of the 1 minute videos into a solid continuous video(it does it for you) and you can see the lat/longs and the max speed reached. I keep the DVR in the storage compartment in the front fairing for easy access and wired in a relay that energises the unit when the headlight comes on - after a start.
  15. JMP

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    You do a lot more riding than me - 300,000... whoa :) There's a group here in Calgary heading to Dawson city this June and heading as far as Chicken, Alaska. Not sure if I will join with them but it sounds cool to be in Dawson City for the summer solstice. Here's the link.
  16. RossKean

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    The 300,000 is kilometers, not miles. I'll hit 200,000 miles mid-summer or so.
    The up-and-back route in your link is fairly similar to what I am planning but I'll also get to Anchorage and Fairbanks (and Arctic Circle sign). Maybe Seward and Homer too.
    If not next season then I'll do Alaska the one after for sure. Coming from NB adds another 4500 km to the trip (each way) compared to Calgary!
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  18. RossKean

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    Cool - not far off the route to Seward! Looks like a lunch stop in Whittier!

    Driving from Anchorage to Whittier to play in Prince William Sound? You’ll go through Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel—the longest (2.5 miles) highway tunnel in North America, and the first designed for -40 Fahrenheit temperatures and 150 mph winds!

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