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    Just doing a little Newfoundland internet surfing and found a great website:

    Broken down by regions with tons of great photos and maps. I think it is the best resource I have found for an introduction to Newfoundland and places to see. Not specifically from a motorcycling perspective (more RV but that isn't the focus) but a good planning guide for anybody who is planning a first trip (or returning to see new stuff). Obviously, not off-road and trail oriented.

    I have done a half dozen or more of trips to "The Rock" in the past fifteen years or so and never ran across this website...
    (Not sure when they started it - sometime after their first visit in 2011)

    Edit: There is also:
    (East coast, not Trans-Lab)

    Just wandering around Bob's website and see he has a few places to come back to see. Nothing on the Burin Peninsula and he didn't make it down to Burgeo and Sandbanks. Of course, there are many other spots but I think the website is pretty remarkable. Certainly gives me some ideas for the next trip.
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