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    Well, a few years back myself and a friend travelled across Country Road from Heart's Delight to Carbonear. He was generally miffed and lost his cool with me about having wet socks. I still remember is finger pointing tantrum when I suggested we stop while he wrings them out, "you know, and I know, that these socks will still be wet."

    Anyways, now that that's off my chest! It was enough for me to avoid riding there for a few years; convinced my judgment was wrong about the trail quality. It was dumb of me to listen to that childishness, because that's one fun trail! Confirmed yesterday with a couple friends.

    Heart's Delight - Carbonear, Country Road

    Also, if you're interested, we explored a few other trails. They were a hit as well (thanks Eric)!

    Bay Roberts - North Valley, Farm Land Roads around The Pond that Feeds the Brook

    We mostly took photos of the water works, but large sections of the trail are dry. Waterproof boots, or boot covers, would be recommended so you can ride on the pegs vs. lifting your feet. It's mostly 2nd gear riding and easy on the suspension: as long as your minding the big rocks that protrude from the trail bed.

    This is definitely on my list, along with Daniels Cove Road, as a future mainstay of riding the Baccalieu Trail.

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    We (me, LYST and Ryan Brown) did a similar ride back in 2010 ish on WR450, KLX250 and Suzi400. Trucked the bikes to Whitbourne, crossed the road from the (then) ESSO gas station and proceeded to get extremely wet following an old branch line down to Carbonear? (Old plane there , I forget exactly...) Anyway, full day's ride, came back be a different trailway route, much drier. Full day, all stoked, good times.
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    Great Pics as usual Rob
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    A bunch of us rode from Argentia up the old rail line in '09 and kept going north almost to Spaniards Bay. It was a little wet in sections.:p

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