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    Over a month ago my neighbor backed into my parked Big Ruckus, knocking it over, while in a hurry to get back to work. She was mortified and apologised profusely. I was calm and pleasant and she said to inspect it for damage and let her know. There was plenty but that is not what this rant is about.
    Her boyfriend came and looked at it and we agreed there was more than out of pocket expenses so she filed a claim with her insurance company, Aviva. This is where my frustration started. A week after the incident on a Friday evening we finally had a discussion with a representative who told me he could not fix my wheels until my insurance contacted Aviva to confirm my policy would not be covering the damage. Monday I called my rep and they said it was BS but would call on my behalf.
    I contacted Aviva and they gave me a claim number and an insurance adjuster name and number. I have called this person for 3 weeks, left contact numbers and specific info and have yet to receive a reply from her. Today my neighbor called on my behalf and we both gave another adjuster all the same information over again. She was pleasant and cooperative but I can assure you that neither I nor my neighbor were. Todays representative apologised for the situation and supposedly/hopefully did all the things that should have been done 3 weeks ago. I remain somewhat skeptical.
    If this is what you pay Aviva for I hope you do better at receiving the service you pay for than my neighbor has. I was very fortunate that the policy holder was as upset over this situation as I was.
    This incident is but another example that gives the industry the bad name it has earned but if someone from Aviva tries to sell me an insurance policy they better be ready to take the heat because I am ready to bring it.
    Kudos to my neighbor and her boyfriend for spending as much time and frustration as myself in dealing with the litany of asshats from Aviva.
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    Sorry for your grief in dealing with a stone-walling insurance company, Murph.
    I had the same problem years ago. I don't know whether you have the same options out there, but I was able to get a quick resolution when I complained to the State of IL insurance board, where I lived at the time. It might be worth some investigation on your part to see if you have a Provincial remedy...
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    They immediately provided me with alternate transportation after the group discussion with the adjuster, the insured and myself. It is not what I want but it is what they should have done a month ago. It should light a fire under their arse because now it is costing them money. I was expecting some form of assessment on the machine but it has yet to happen. I remain skeptical.

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