Anyone live in Benton NL ?

Discussion in 'Mos Eisleys Space Bar' started by Tree, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Tree

    Tree Member

    Looking for some info from people who know the woods in that area well ( hunters, fishing ).
    Or know older folks 65+ who do.
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  2. Dougger

    Dougger Member

    Not sure if he is online much or not, but reach out to Dave Noel in Gander. He might know the area or could point you in the right direction. I am sure you could track him down at Simmons Honda, Parts Dept.
  3. Tree

    Tree Member

    Will do. Looking for an old airplane wreck WW2 in the woods there.
  4. radar

    radar New Member

    I think there is two?? I remember seeing one just NW of Benton on the southern edge of a bog. You should call Calvin Keats. I remember him telling me of a wreck about 20 years ago. He is a local prospector and a good knowledgeable guy. I don't have any contact info, but I'm sure that I can with a little digging if 411 is a bust.
  5. Bike Nomad

    Bike Nomad New Member

    There are a bunch of crash sites in the Gander area. I had a buddy take me to a few of them in the winter time on snowmobile--makes it easy-peasy--just drive up to them. The folks in Gander here should be able to give you coordinates of the sites. They might not know the best trails to reach them.
  6. Tree

    Tree Member

    Thanks guys. I know the Lockheed Ventura wreck is well documented, it's out in the open north of Benton. I think you can see it on google earth maybe.
    The one I am curious about was a Hawker Hurricane fighter heading west to Gander that landed in trees somewhere near Benton and stayed up there. Pilot walked away ok.
    My friend saw old photos of hunters sitting in it. ( he was working in Gander in 1970 )
    The hunters would shoot rabbits from it.
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of this one and if it's still there ?
    ( 1940's so I'm sure it's not in the trees anymore lol )
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  7. Tree

    Tree Member

    I will try Calvin , got his number Radar tnx.
  8. Littlepeter

    Littlepeter Member

  9. Doug

    Doug New Member

    I was there a couple times.... However, I had a few beers in...each time. So, not in a million years, could I get you there. But...I could call a guy, and get him to draw ya a map? I actually tossed the map I had, a couple years back. Figured I would never need it again. Seeing how there is 6 cabins along the edge of Benton Pond...Which are owned by my EX's family! LAMO. Anyway, I could get ya map, like a hand drawn one or something. I do remember that the forest around Benton, Is some of the most beautiful forest in NF.!
  10. Tree

    Tree Member

    Thanks Doug I will pm you. Tnx for the Lisa Daly link also, was looking at her site last year.

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