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New stator and VR on the way for the XB upgraded to a 38amp 3 phase stator and A good mosfet VR Definitely have To go through the wiring
New crank position sensor in the Buell, no more bad idle and backfire issues!!
Back on site again for this summer guys. Just finished a trip from Edmonton to Deerlake. 5525 km.
I'd like to check out the Hannigan sometime when its convenient ..
No problem... I am out of the country until Feb 12. Located in the East end off Stavanger.
Hey Jon, there's a guy from NB trying to set up an account on RTR and he keeps getting bumped out. Here's the message he sent me:

on i cant set up an account.. the captcha is not exposing itself during the sign up procedure... and when you refresh the page per the instructions to see the captcha it wipes out the other required info to set up an account.. could you let the site admins know?
Dave, come on down to Maine! Murph, Greg and Rob are again riding with me after Soiree Whatever ‘18. The plan is Vermont, New Hampshire and possibly the Adirondacks.
I would love to but I don’t think I can get the time this year. Work has me pretty busy this summer.
we will pay $105 each and sleep in a chair or on the floor. I have been considering leaving from Argentia Monday evening at 5pm. it will cost about $300 each but we will have a 4 berth cabin. We will save the long haul across our great island, so that will be about $110 in gas savings What are your thoughts? My cabin is about 1 hour from Argentia so we could go there on Sunday night.
Hi Jim,
Gregg here from Newfoundland. I have a 2009 St 1300 and I'm looking for a great tank bag. From your profile picture, it looks like you have one. I used a 4 litre magnetic tank bag last year during a trip to Maine, however, it scratched my tank. Just wondering what you are using.
Gregg J.
Nice weather for a ride tomorrow! Interested?
I'd love to but am on shift out of town! Also need to change my front tire as I have a leak somewhere and it won't hold pressure. Maybe next time!
Planning a quad run from clarenville to gander in late October. Heard there was a bridge out on the groomed track? Is this correct?
Hi Rick, this is David Hall. About 5 years ago Jeannie and I came up from Florida on our way to run the Trans-Lab, and thanks to you it was a much safer trip for us. I had tires shipped to your home, and you and your father graciously helped us mount those tires. I would like to send you a Tim Horton's E-gift card. Please send me your email, so I can have this sent to you. My email is