Trans-Lab Route Road Condition Updated 2021


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June 2017:

Dirt Sections:

Manic-5 to Relais Gabrielle about 100kms excellent conditions
Fire Lake to Lac Bloom about 65 kms twisty and sandy; reduced truck traffic due to reduced mine activity.
80 kms east of Goose Bay to Port Hope Simpson 312 kms excellent condition
136 kms Port Hope Simpson to Red Bay new construction crushing and spreading soft marbly gravel; paving to follow this season to an unknown degree.

Total dirt remaining about 613 kms. Temperatures were at a low of 4.5 C and not much more than 12 C. No flies. Seven bears. Don't feed the bears please. Supreme fuel available at gas bar in Labrador City outside Tim Hortons (at least it was marked Supreme on the pump). Graders working all over the highway but were more courteous than I remember. No issue and doing a good job.

Baie Comeau to Manic-5 excellent condition and twisty. Lots of fun.
Goose Bay towards Port Hope has 80kms of new pavement done last year I think. An additional 80kms of gravel was widened; at least it appeared that way to me when compared to 2014.
Pavement from Red Bay down to Quebec border is in terrible condition. Enormous potholes.
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