Things that make you go hmmmmmmm?


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I often marvel at the unusual and sometimes rare cars and bikes you encounter in this Province. You just never know what's behind the many garage and shed doors that are out there, each one with a story.

Well I met an interesting fellow this weekend with a rare motorcycle. He's a car guy, not a motorcycle guy and he used to be in the car business. Sometimes people would ask him to locate a specific car for them and he would scour the continent to find what the client wanted and as such he was on eBay a lot and came across a rare motorcycle. He bid on it and bought it for $500 and had it shipped from Ohio. It was apparently a pain to get crated and shipped and navigate through customs and when it finally arrived he rode it up and down the street a few times and parked it about 15 years ago.

Here it is... a Suzuki RE5 rotary engine motorcycle! So strange, I would encourage you to watch Jay Leno's video about it. The Italian designed gauge cluster and rear tail light are bizarre.