Taking the cheaper option...


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I generally like to buy gear and apparel once and use it for a long time. This usually means taking the better quality and inevitably more expensive options. This is not an A hole comment, just from experience taking the cheap route is usually false economy. So, I was about to pull the trigger on ordering a Kermit camp chair last week (Thanks for putting me onto them Mike, they look great) Alas, I can't get one...in any shape, colour or form. Totally sold out everywhere and on huge back order. Soooo, I ordered this Tusk one which is at least a 1/4 of the price. Gets some good reviews and folds up nice and small/light for the bike (2.75lbs). Will see how it lasts...

Standard shipping from the US was $20CAD and it arrived in 4 days....why has everything that I have ordered (and paid the same for shipping) recently within Canada taken at least 14 days with Canada Post?

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