Paint Protection Film (PPF)


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I have been a ppf convert for a while now. Dropped off the T7 this afternoon to have some ppf put on the side panels. The Enduristan soft luggage has a rubberized (of sorts) backing, but they will still mess up the plastics exactly where the decals are placed with rubbing. $80 all in and it took them 45 mins to do the job. You can make it out if you look close, but a neat job that covers that whole area, and good peace of mind to prevent damage5A463F6A-5C06-4A21-A5A1-4B2CAA39D2B5.jpegDDF667D1-4864-4C9A-8156-9C67DEA62251.jpeg. I don’t intend to baby this bike, and stuff will happen to it, but a bit of prevention is always nice. Highly recommended..


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