Old Dog - New Tricks?


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So, with my 65th birthday literally days away, I have decided to give something new a try, trail riding.
Having grown up in Chicago, there was no dirt to be found as I started riding, and that didn’t change much until I retired and moved to the North Woods of Wisconsin. Now that I’m here, it seems a shame to not take advantage of the hundreds of miles of trails in the State and National Forests.

So, the search began for a suitable motorcycle.
The search parameters were pretty simple:
1) It has to be able to be ridden to and from the trails.
2) I don’t expect to use it outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, so it doesn’t have to have long haul comfort.
3) Fuel can be a little tough to find up here, so the fuel tank has to be 3+ gallons.
4) It has to have enough power to be able to ride at the prevailing 65 mph highway speeds, with some reserve for passing.
5) The seat height can’t be higher than 33.5”, given my 29” inseam measurement.
6) Light weight is a key consideration, given my lack of experience.
I did a whole lot of research, and also contacted a bunch of Dealers. The Pandemic is still having a major effect n availability...