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Recently learned about something called "homecoming". From what we have heard it is a few week period where Newfoundlanders are encouraged to return home to visit (party).

Our current plans are to be on the island roughly 7/26-8/4. Are we going to have an extra hard time finding camping during the middle of homecoming?

Our overly optimistic plan is to "see it all" by moving each day to a new location around the island. If acomidations are going to be impossible to find, we could alter our plans to utilize a few base camp locations and ride out to targets each day. Those base camps could then be reserved.

Any thoughts from locals or anyone having experienced this event before?

If the bike camp-and-breakfast opens I would love to stay. I think that was SkiBum's. But I need to look back over last falls posts to confirm...

Thanks in advance for any info. Thoughts of no place to stay makes my wife a bit anxious.