Everybody Hibernating Already?


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Not much activity here lately. I suppose that most have parked their bikes for the season - I doubt I will get out again before March. Both the short term and longer term forecasts do not point to a decent opportunity to get out again. I am into the winter maintenance season which I will no doubt put off until longer days and warmer temperatures push me into getting stuff done before the new season starts.

FJR doesn't need much other than a bit of electrical work. I am contemplating swapping my Clearwater Ericas from the FJR to the BMW F700GS. Perhaps new tires before too long.
The bike has a trailer hitch on it that I might get rid of. (I also have a trailer for it that I haven't used and might as well sell.)

The BMW needs:
Oil/filter, spark plugs, air filter (I did a brake flush)
Fresh coolant
Valve clearance check
Wiring for fuse block to power heated gear, auxiliary lights and GPS
New windscreen (still deciding but Madstad is looking good)
Work on the seat (or maybe just an Air Hawk)
Chain and sprockets (I think)
Front suspension work...?

Other than that, I guess winter is trip-planning season and I have to get back to my itinerary for TransLab and Newfoundland - likely in August.
Winnipeg in late June.
New England camping this year???

Going to be a long winter.