Enduristan Blizzards


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Well, they finally arrived people...put them on the T7 as a bit of a mock up this evening. I will have some adjusting and refining to do to make them just so... but...love them so far. Excellent quality. Just waiting for my SW Motech dry bag duffle to throw on the top, and good to go. Roll on summer!1DC1B709-0B72-454A-AB3B-FA4E2DCD3529.jpegD6D8E649-64D6-4A3C-957B-51A265FDF855.jpegA10C10AE-1E07-4959-A710-3F20F480050C.jpeg74666CFE-5281-46F0-8820-C48D89D3F3C8.jpeg1B5D298D-F806-4185-9941-CBA61EAB944E.jpeg
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