Crazy Insurance in Newfoundland


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So anyone else having issues like me. I really don’t understand the logic here in Newfoundland. Go to DMV register a bike they ask “dirt bike or motorcycle” I tell them it’s a dirt bike so they give me an off road trail plate not a motorcycle plate. Next step, off road motor vehicles act states that an off road vehicle is snowmobile, dirt bike, mini bike, trail bike, atv etc.
Call insurance company to get off road insurance. Anywhere in Canada ranges $80-$100 per year. Newfoundland insurance classifies “dirt bike” as a motorcycle so the best rate I’m getting quoted is $505 for a 2002 CRF450 and $424 for a 2016 CRF230. But if I had a high end quad or side by side I would only pay $100 per year

Absolutely ridiculous that the insurance board here is not in line with the rest of Canada. Growing past time here now and no one with insurance because it is so highly priced.

Anyone with any suggestions other than moving out of Newfoundland or selling bikes?