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versys Rob

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I am in the market for new highly vented pants, his vis jacket and warm weather riding boots. I want to buy local. Frist stop... toybox on a Saturday. Keith was on the counter. Easy peasy.. Keith knows I am a cheap SOB and dont' want to blow the wad on Klim gear or similar, so he picks out Cortech jacket and pants from a catalogue and tells me he'll order them and it may be a month.. No issue waiting, as it is of next summer. Few days later, I get a call from someone else at Toybox... Pants are not available. OK, I say, order me something else in that price range. Guy says he does not know what to order, and tells me to look online. GRRRRR pissed off #1. Great salesman. I tell him to forget the order and hang up.
Off to Honda One yesterday.. Guy on the counter there, ( not Terry, or Q), tells me to go look on line and call them to order it for me. Pissed off #2

how am I supposed to buy local, if the local stores are telling me to go online? I think I found a good deal on e bay...
my rant is over.

versys Rob