Bob heads west and a bit north....


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Anyone here remember the farmer trying to get a fox, a chicken and a sack of corn across the river? Well, that's what I kept thinking about while trying to get my truck, my bike and myself from NL to BC.
First I needed to lighten my load, so I traded this:
For this:
Fabbed up a little thingy to move the tank bag to the rear rack and good to go:
Needed to fab up a little mount for the pickup's pan too:
And with lots of help from Best Brother:

Off we go:
The 2008 Canyon has great sentimental value, plus it's true 4X4 with a newish short block 5 cylinder replaced 40k ago.
The bike? First service done, still unproven other than good in the rain. A local Corner Brook Norden Expedition owner donated his side bags and racks as mine kept not showing up. There's about room for a sneaker and a sammich in each bag, if you don't mind stuffing your sammiches in your sneakers. Modified 'Rick's Racks' to hold 10L cans so total capacity 39L.
Worriers in the West keep saying 'that truck won't make it this far', 'you'll get lost up North and we can't track you', 'there are bears', 'where will you sleep?' 'you can't speak French anymore' and 'you'll be all alone'. I mean, how good can it get, right?