2021 St. Barbe-Blanc Sablon Ferry


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I was having trouble finding definitive information on the internet pertaining to Covid restrictions when travelling to and from Labrador on the St. Barbe-Blanc Sablon ferry run so I called around to see what they had to say.

Since you will actually be in the Province of Quebec, you are not allowed to linger there due to Covid at this time. Once you get off the ferry you must go straight into Labrador. Same thing on the way back, you must go straight to the ferry terminal. No side trips to Old Fort for instance.

I am considering a trip up to Red Bay end of June so figured I would check it out now. This particular restriction may change as the summer wears on and non-essential travel opens up with more double doses of vaccine. 1-866-535-2567 can set you straight for planning (Labrador Marine).