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    Vangroovy rider in town

    Dang, I'm doing a shift on Astrid & Lily today, otherwise... Report back on road conditions around St.Vincent's. Larry caused washouts and road closures apparently.
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    The pain was too much

    Congrats on the new addition. ONE bike is never enough. But that's just my opinion...;)
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    Chance Cove Hiking Trail

    I was in Chance Cove for 3 days last week in the rain!!! Looks like you had better weather than me Wayne. Nice Pics.
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    I'm sitting on my couch, with a fleece quilt up around me as i view the latest posts on RTR! Ooh, my hot air furnace just kicked in...Glad to know it still works! That reminds me, time for the annual furnace tune-up!:confused:
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    Gas Prices!

    True fact!!! If you need to get groceries, or go for a ride on the motor sickle, You Must Pay. What other option do you have? Lots more bicycle trips to Cost Co maybe??? LOL I love the fact that we, must now pay through the nose to reduce provincial debt!!! What about people paying off...
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    What Bob said...500+k...9+ hours... Great day in the saddle!!!
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    There is always someone who wants to race me...

    E-bikes can be sleepers... just sayin'
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    This is getting funner than the story itself :p. Now you guys really have my attention... just sayin'
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    TG, as i recall, the living quarters on your truck were Grizzly Proof. With escape hatches (allowed you to shoot as well) on either side. It was a badass truck, despite its appetite for fuelZ. Yeah that's right. Fuel with a Z.:cool:
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    I love that sweetbabyGSus runs on reg fuel. That being said, it gets a blend of 91 and 87...whatever's available TG - lots of fellers on the chaingang forum run the 87 with no ill effects from what i have read
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    Was out and about, it didn’t suck

    Nice Pics!
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    Throwback Thursday.

    Overlooking Holyrood from afar
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    Dare I start a Tire Thread?

    So what's the consensus for the 1200? Kenda 270? Heidenau Scout? Shinko 705? I have a trackmaster on my 2fiddy. Its got about 800kms on it and it's starting to shred already. Damn you pavement!!! What tire wears like iron, but steps up when the track is greasy???
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    Throwback Thursday.

    Shoal Bay Fall, 2019.
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    Throwback Thursday.

    Shoal Bay. A sunny day in June, 2018
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    Dare I start a Tire Thread?

    I know why Bueller is looking at tires... There was a small patch of muddy grass, and the Michelin AIIYEE's didn't like it. Repeat after me aiiyee!!! That's the sound of street tires on mud. Correction, that's the sound of the rider, who has temporarily lost control due to the street tires on...
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    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Hearts Content Lighthouse this Saturday past. Wicked gusty, but any day riding...
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    FortNine - pricing

    Started purchasing from Fortnine because free shipping! Nothing more disgusting than buying an $18 item, only to pay $20 for freight... I believe GP bikes and others also offer the free shipping. I have heard that Terry at Honda price matches, but have not yet tried him out. There is profit...
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    I bought a pair of black leather with thinsulate lining "motorcycle gloves" last year at Pipers for $20. They have endured 12,000 km so far and i believe i have gotten my moneys worth! I believe there's a few more seasons left in them... edit "Paupers" for those in the know edit edit "Pipiers"...
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    Enduristan Blizzards

    And what luck! There was already a decal on your swingarm...;) Seriously, looks good!