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  1. TonisToo

    Yellowstone – Season 5

    This will be the fifth motorcycle adventure with Trash since meeting him and Mrs. Trash at the Skibum Soiree in 2012. If Covid had not interrupted the master plan we would have been going to Alaska for my 50th but this trip will have to suffice. We’ve got 15 days together… follow along if you...
  2. TonisToo

    Lloyd's River to Buchans Junction Road Conditions?

    Looking for some relatively up to date info on the road conditions from Lloyd's River up to Buchans Junction from the point of view of motorcycle travel. Last time I travelled was 1996 in a Jeep Cherokee. I understand you can go North or South of the lake and one route is usually in better...
  3. TonisToo

    2021 St. Barbe-Blanc Sablon Ferry

    I was having trouble finding definitive information on the internet pertaining to Covid restrictions when travelling to and from Labrador on the St. Barbe-Blanc Sablon ferry run so I called around to see what they had to say. Since you will actually be in the Province of Quebec, you are not...
  4. TonisToo

    A Tale of Two Stoves

    Sifting through my camping gear got me thinking about the two stoves I have. Thought I would compare the two I have here and ask a question at the end. First off the Primus Himalaya. I bought this around 1995 when I started canoe-camping and fly fishing. I didn't have a lot of cash back then...
  5. TonisToo

    Two Sleeping Bags For Sale ***SOLD ***

    I have two of these bags for sale. They were only used once. I washed them yesterday. Both pack up pretty small and each includes their own compression sack. $60 for both of them. Located in East End of City.
  6. TonisToo

    2022 KLR650

    650 single it is... in 3 versions.
  7. TonisToo

    Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

    I turned 50 this year and one thing I regret is not taking better care of my hearing when I was younger. During my University years, you just didn't wear ear plugs at the old Breezeway or at music concerts. I'm scared to go to a hearing specialist because I know my hearing is not what it should...
  8. TonisToo

    Mosko Moto - Braap Friday

    Here you go Skibum, big sale on for 10 days, save you 10% and shipping costs: BRAAP FRIDAY 10% OFF SITE WIDE + FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING - Friday Nov. 20th - Monday Nov. 30th - Grip it and rip it! We're starting early this holiday season – welcome to Braap Friday. We don't usually do discounts, but...
  9. TonisToo

    2010 Vespa 300 GTS ie Super For Sale SOLD

    Thinking of selling the Vespa. Can't stand seeing it in the garage not being used when someone else could be enjoying it. 10,122+ kms. Originally purchased at Ballistic (Peter Evans). I am the second owner and purchased it in 2012 with around 5,000kms. Service done by The Toy Box in Mount...
  10. TonisToo

    Speaking of Volcanoes...

    If you visit Crater Lake National Park you can ride the rim of a caldera and view the deepest lake in the USA.
  11. TonisToo

    Mount St. Helens 40 Years On

    It's been 40 years since the eruption at Mount St. Helens. Thought you might enjoy some photos of the riding in that area. The Forest Roads there are just fantastic. A mix of asphalt and dirt. 40 years later the impact is still very obvious. The dead trees are flattened and grey in the outward...
  12. TonisToo

    Oh What Fun It Is To Ride…

    As I get older, I find winters here on the Avalon to be more difficult. The lack of sunlight challenges my mental state and de motivates me to go out and do any sort of exercise my 49 year old body demands. Hiking with my wife and dogs has helped a lot… they don’t care about the weather, they...
  13. TonisToo

    1972 Kawasaki

    My uncle passed away suddenly recently. He was an electrician who ran a successful business in Labrador City for many years and was now retired in New Brunswick. He had his old bike stored in his basement; thought you might like to see a photo of this old dual sport. Photo by my cousin.
  14. TonisToo

    Sand on Outer Cove Bridge

    A couple of beautiful mornings in a row for a ride in to work including a scoot through Outer Cove-Middle Cove with a view of whales in the bay. There's quite a bit of brown sand on the bridge and its approaches... a little worse going from Outer Cove to Middle Cove due to the sight lines...
  15. TonisToo

    Motorcycle Parts - Odds and Ends + Airhead Parts

    Cleaning out the garage. PM for more details and photos. Located in the East End. If it's listed here it's still available: 1. Dunlop 606 rear tire 130/90-17 aggressive DOT knobby with less than 1,000kms $100? 2. Rear tube for 130/90-17 Bridgestone brand. $20? 3. Front tube for 100/90-19 IRC...
  16. TonisToo

    Riders On The Storm – How I Trashed My GS

    I just completed a ride to the USA via the Argentia ferry and crossed the borders of three provinces and fifteen states while skirting Hurricane Florence. Highlights included riding with my buddy Trash, the Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive), the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smokey Mountains...
  17. TonisToo

    Tail of the Dragon Route 129N

    Proud achievement and rare photo of me riding.
  18. TonisToo

    Trans Labrador Highway 2018

    Trash and I rode the Trans-Lab clockwise in 2017 only 14 months ago but it seems a lot longer. I was wondering if anyone had a solid idea of how much more asphalt has been laid in the various sections since then? It was early in the season last year and they were still preparing the subgrade out...
  19. TonisToo

    Canadians Gassing Up in the USA

    I forgot to post up about a little discovery I made at the end of my Adirondacks trip. If you are a Canadian gassing up at a pump in the USA then you know the pump often prompts you for your postal code to use your credit card. The pump only accepts 5 digit American postal codes. So you may end...
  20. TonisToo

    15 Days to Ride - Trip Planning

    I have the Argentia ferry booked leaving the island June 16 returning evening of Canada Day. I had a plan to ride this 2up but it looks like Sheila's new job may prevent this so I will be solo with no firm plan as of now. I've ridden the 4 Atlantic Provinces before and the Gaspe and Maine...