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  1. Backdraft


    Just got a bogus email from some dickwad.... Is RTR hacked again?
  2. Backdraft

    Ladies Large Motorcycle Jacket

    Bought misses a newer BMW setup. Here's a reasonable priced jacket that offers some protection. $50
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    Heading into sin jawns tomorrow for a few days. Dads at health science for operation, so going in for support. Not sure duration, but probably 4 or 5 days.... A y one up for a meet up with the east coast chapter of RTR? I have a couple supper engagements... But pretty Free
  4. Backdraft

    Canada Post Frustration

    I need to vent... Sent a parcel last Tuesday Pasadena to Halifax priority mail, 3 days. Recipient hasn't got it yet and tracking shows it won't arrive till this Thursday!!!! WTF? Paid over $200 for priority, and going to take 10 to get there. Went online, because it's useless to call the 800...
  5. Backdraft

    Eva Giver

    I see they got the boat unstuck from the Suez, but the damn thing is now stuff in St John's Hr.
  6. Backdraft

    Honda Transalp

    This just popped up for sale in FB market place. I know it's only a XL600 But it's definitely a cool bike
  7. Backdraft

    Vintage Auburn wooden model

    Not sure if it's okay to post here... I have a what appears to be a wooden model of a vintage car. Ive had it since new from over 25 years ago. 30*10 inches. Asking $150 Great for man cave ....
  8. Backdraft

    Site Down?

    I was trying to access RTR earlier today and it appeared the site was down. Did anyone else have the same issue? Peace out!
  9. Backdraft

    The hunt

    Who's going out tomorrow for the elusive Moose? My 16 year old son Gavin's first time.
  10. Backdraft

    Long way around! DAY 1

    Here is my ride report from this past week.
  11. Backdraft

    Triumph Panniers

    Seen this on FB marketplace...
  12. Backdraft

    XT 350

    Thinking of selling my 1989 XT 350. Check this out on NL Classifieds: XT350
  13. Backdraft

    Tent Trailer

    Just seen this on Facebook market place...
  14. Backdraft

    Garmin GPS 76 CS

    Bought a new one years ago. This has been sitting in cupboard ever since. Asking $150... Very negotiable... Older unit with a few west coast maps installed. Comes with crappy holder
  15. Backdraft

    Plastic Sheet looking to buy

    Any of you inmates know where I can get a 4foot square sheet of heavy duty plastic? Free best... Lol A sheet of pallet dividers would work. In black. Looking for something to use as a skin for side by side doors I'm making.
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    How to make a sprocket

    For all the KLR riders out there....
  17. Backdraft

    Happy St Patrick's

    Aside from the C19... Enjoy St Patrick's Day
  18. Backdraft

    New helmet

    5 years with the Shoie hornet Time for new bucket Took the plunge and giving Schuberth a try Spendy but head is a little important to look after
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    Happy Birthday

    Wayne ✌
  20. Backdraft

    Pretty Quiet

    Be lingering around RTR. Not much discussions happening Everyone still digging out? Myself and neighbor started discussing the plans for our annual summer trip. Not sure if deals gap is on the plate or maybe finish off some local riding on the island