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  1. cberry

    Cougar flight 91

    I watched another review of the flight 91 crash last night on the Smithsonian channel. I think it brought out some new facts that I had not heard of before. Very worth watching if it comes up again. Very sad.
  2. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    On my TV there was a recent Smithsonian Channel show under "Air Disasters" and "Atlantic Ditching" which reviewed this terrible tragety. I remember the discussion on this web site at the time. This show opens up old wounds but, to me, appears to truthfully deliver a factual review of the crash...
  3. cberry

    Happy Canada Day, one and all!

    I wish I were there.............but, stuff happens.
  4. cberry

    Atlantic Canada: Lighthouse Challenge, 60 in 30 Days

    Atlantic Canada is: NL, NS, PEI, and NB. My Challenge will start about July 8th, and I'll need your support. This post is just a bookmark for me to market this thread on the ADV website. Challenge postings will be to this thread exclusively and will hopefully encourage growth of the RTR...
  5. cberry

    Back-up Plastic Key lost its Mind

    2015 R1200GSA with keyless ignition. Coming up on 1 year of service and 23,000 miles. I wanted to use my back-up plastic key tonight to get my odo mileage for the contest and........nothing happened! No, that's not entirely correct. There was a flashing red light on the right side of the...
  6. cberry

    A Brace of Beemers

    I'm the proud papa of a brand new BMW R1200GS(Adventure) wet head. The faithful old R1200RT has been retired after 127,000 care-free (nearly) miles. Here's the RT sporting some of its 'Merit Badges", posing for the Iron Butt Lighthouse Tour. The cage is my 2009 BMW 335d…with a 'high...
  7. cberry

    Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours

    There was some talk a while ago about doing a SS1K in Newfoundland. I guess nothing came of it. I'm sure it could be done, but it would be tight on the time limit. I just did my first one here in Florida June 20 & 21. Started at 0430 on the 20th and finished at 0150 on the 21st, the longest day...
  8. cberry

    Iron Butt Association Lighthouse Tour Challenge

    Here's a new Iron Butt ride that might be available for "Rockers". The info is posted here How many lighthouses are there in NL?
  9. cberry

    A Ride through the Zoo

    Here's the warning sign And here's a Sweet Young Thing on the road to Burgeo
  10. cberry

    ITSteve and Family

    Least we forget.....Photo taken at their campsite on PEI while he was showing me the island in July, 2008