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  1. cberry

    Cougar flight 91

    I watched another review of the flight 91 crash last night on the Smithsonian channel. I think it brought out some new facts that I had not heard of before. Very worth watching if it comes up again. Very sad.
  2. cberry

    Regular users check in...

    I'm regular.....Like my minister said years ago, Christmas & Easter
  3. cberry

    Sightings (or maybe: whoo... whooo were you)

    Anybody coming down for Bike Week Daytona this year? (March 4-14)
  4. cberry

    Fun & Games

    Congratulations! You've just gained an all new circle of friends. The cost of membership will be small compared to the help you may need to get while away from home port. It's the BMW Anonymous list of members by state. I got a tow from Bemidji, MN, about 200 miles to to a BMW dealer for...
  5. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    I think the border is still closed between Canada and the USA due to COVIS. If it is not opened soon the 2021 tourist season will surely take a big hit. I do not presently have any long distance travel plans. I have a healthy respect for helos and won't walk near one which is running its rotor...
  6. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    Doug: I'm very glad to hear from you, and to know that Decker is doing. well. To be in an over water crash and be the only survivor would be more than I could live with! Please contact me if you are coming down this winter....the last visit was too long ago. Mike: I know I've had a standing...
  7. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    Thanks for the well wishes. I'm fine. Bike's been mostly in the garage since COVID, and I'm rethinking the risk v/s reward. My bones are getting more brittle as the bike gets heavier, but I'd sure like to make another trip to the Rock before checking out. If I could talk my wife into an...
  8. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    Glad you were not on board Mike! The sole survivor, who was interviewed on the film, is a gent named Robert Decker. Does anyone know of his current condition?
  9. cberry

    Ever seen a Marine Railroad?

    When my wife and I did the "Great Loop" on our 32' Nordic Tug we actually went over that rig. On that 9 month cruise the other 'Lock' we found fascinating was the one that looks like 2 oven pans rigged as a teeter-totter where one goes up while the other one goes down and your boat is floating...
  10. cberry

    Cougar flight 91 12 March 2009

    On my TV there was a recent Smithsonian Channel show under "Air Disasters" and "Atlantic Ditching" which reviewed this terrible tragety. I remember the discussion on this web site at the time. This show opens up old wounds but, to me, appears to truthfully deliver a factual review of the crash...
  11. cberry

    What came after Tennessee?

    I'm glad you're going Mike, and sad that I won't be there this year to support you giving your talks. I know they will be outstanding! I have submarine crew reunions which are sucking off my travel money and time this year.
  12. cberry

    Ya can't do it all....

    Jim, Your rides will be more meaningful if you include goals. And, the goals will help focus your thoughts on how to obtain each goal in the most efficient manor. That's why I joined the IBA...additionally, they will certify your ride and provide a nice certificate as proof of completion. My...
  13. cberry

    Planning... have you started.

    Next season is still a dream, nothing specific. Today's club breakfast ride - seasonable: 20-27 degrees C :) It's easier (less illegal) here in the states with most interstate's speed limit of 70 mph and our successful riders complete the ride in about 18 hours, about 55 mph, average. To...
  14. cberry

    Planning... have you started.

    Why don't you become members of the Iron Butt Association? Here's the link for info on how to qualify with a 1000 mile ride in less than 24 Hours It's a nice way to 'while away' one of those fabulous blue sky days in the dead of winter, eh? A...
  15. cberry

    IT Steve

    Steve and I had a wonderful day riding that day back in 2009, I believe. Anyway it was before the soiree that Steve participated in with you'all. He was busy getting his KLR ready for that soiree.
  16. cberry

    RTR Rally 2018

    Mike, please sign up with spotwalla and give us your website so we can track you if you use SPOT or Bubbler as the source of your position info.
  17. cberry

    RTR Rally 2018

    Sounds like a plan! Be sure to document your coast to coast to coast Mike! Might consider the Dust to Dawn gathering in Dawson, YT around the longest day ( it's sort of 'on the way').
  18. cberry

    Best of Biking Series: Guide to BMW R1200GS

    No Mike, I don't think I've ever crossed paths with him. I'll look him up.
  19. cberry

    Best of Biking Series: Guide to BMW R1200GS

    Looks like required reading for anyone considering or owning a GS/GSA. I put 40,000 miles on mine and the only complaint was the noise level. That's why I went back to an RT.
  20. cberry

    Atlantic Canada: Lighthouse Challenge, 60 in 30 Days

    That's a great picture Mike! But it does need a bike in there somewhere too. Keith Falkner! Holy Snot! How many years has it been since we camped out there at River Ranch Keith? I hope you are still riding.