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  1. skibum69

    Show your stickers.

    Someone put up a decal thread on the MOA forum. Seeing as I put them on pretty much everything I thought it might be fun to put one up here. Here goes...
  2. skibum69

    Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2021

    Here we are in 2021 and I am again going to join this event to raise $$ for prostate cancer and mens mental health. They've moved it from September to May so it looks like I won't be dapper on my '82 R65 LS but I will be riding solo probably in Nova Scotia where it looks like I'll be working...
  3. skibum69

    Lighthouse Game

    Ok, it's been quite a few years since we've had a half organized idea of a lighthouse game. I'd heard half recently that they had started tearing down more lighthouses on the island so I figure people who want to see them had better start cracking. On the Iron Butt Association lighthouse game...
  4. skibum69

    Crappy Alaska video

    I'm trying to use my old computer to get back to messing with videos again. It wasn't cooperating not uploading half of the video clips to the iMovie suite. Anyway this is the fist time I've messed with any of it in a bunch of years. The video clips are pretty boring which makes for a boring...
  5. skibum69

    Fun & Games

    I know you lot aren't MOA members but they've just put up a new little game to play. Yes I registered and the missus and I have already started planning a few options.
  6. skibum69

    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    Sooooo...I get home yesterday from being gone for a week of work and get into a conversation with the missus and she tells me I need to think about a ride I want to do to fill my soul. Immediately I think of Africa with RTWPaul but in COVID19 times I quickly pulled back to wanting to try for...
  7. skibum69

    700 Teneré

    Here's a pretty cool video I got to from ADVMoto. Pretty wild watching this guy go through the paces on a 7T.
  8. skibum69

    Ride the Rock stickers.

    Ok Jon, when are you going to do another run of stickers? I have a couple of bikes that need one.
  9. skibum69

    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

    Do any of you know about this? I don't know if the Cycle Canada link will work or not? Here's the ride's website. I think it would be good to get us on the map and...
  10. skibum69

    A short spin for new roads

    Sooo, I came up with taking a 3 day run to check out some roads I've never seen. My thoughts were head up the Baie Verte peninsula seeing as I'd never turned up that road. Looking at the forecast I decided to head out on what looked to be the warmest days. Come on Friday! Up at a decent hour I...
  11. skibum69

    Dakar 2020-the saddest day

    This morning our time Paulo Gonçalves was killed at KM 273 on stage 7 of the Dakar. He was running his 13th edition of the rally and reports say he intended this to be his last. The Gonk was well loved by all for being a true sportsman and all around nicest guy. All of the ADV F5 crew are gutted...
  12. skibum69

    Videos for no good reason

    Jim C-G posting all of his videos and our recent discussions on one of his threads got me thinking I'd start a video thread with a bunch of my videos from years gone by in anticipation of making more videos. It's been awhile but I have been wanting to so maybe this will serve as inspiration? All...
  13. skibum69

    Lyndon Poskitt

    Hey folks, have any of you been following Lyndon's Races to Places series or his Dakar running? If you want awesome video from awesome locations around the world plus an amazing Dakar Malle Moto video series this is the man you want to follow. His feature video about Rally Mongolia was great...
  14. skibum69

    Siberia/Mongolia/stans 2020. Gotta get my bike ready to ride!

    So...first off I'll blame Bob for this thread and the RR that should follow as he's the one who put me up to starting these threads for a little something different. How this story began. RTWPaul and EvergreenE stopped in here for a week a couple of summers ago when they were still together...
  15. skibum69


    Some of you may be aware that the Airheads organization has chapters around North America celebrating all airhead Beemers. We now have the newest chapter in Newfoundland and Labrador and it also happens that I was nominated as the first Air Marshall for the chapter. Besides Murph do any of you...
  16. skibum69

    N +1

    There has only been one bike in my life that I lusted after and did for many years. I’d kind of forgotten it when I got my 640 Adventure. Sometimes life comes full circle. A friend of mine had one and said he’d never sell it as it was a gift from his father with sentimental value. A couple of...
  17. skibum69

    Beta motorcycles

    The missus was behind a truck yesterday with a Beta decal on it, looks like maybe a demo truck. Anyone know who’s dealing with them locally?
  18. skibum69

    What came after Tennessee?

    I've been a member for a couple of years now and my 3 week trip that ended in 2 days last year prevented me from getting to last year's in Des Moines. Now I'm determined and I'm scheduled to give a couple of presentations about Newfoundland at the rally. The vendor list is insane and there are...
  19. skibum69

    Mexico rider looking for a place to stay Deer Lake or west tomorrow

    Pablo Rabelo is on the island for 2 days and headed Labrador. Is there anyone who wants to host him? Really mice guy headed to Alaska from here. His email is:
  20. skibum69

    RAM mounts

    Anyone know where in town a person can buy RAM mounts? I haven't looked for them since M Francis Kelly was on the go but I need a couple now.