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    So much easier to quarantine when it's February in Newfoundland lol
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I'm running cardo freecom 4 which is a recent purchase. Its bluetooth but the range is supposed to be pretty good. It was a christmas thing so haven't really had a chance to test it out.
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I bring two or three small ratchet straps. Useful when I find something large I want to strap down. Have helped a few riders who didn't have enough experience getting their kit firmly attached to their bike. Also doubles as an emergency tow rope if needed!
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    thats good gear that!
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    Easter Tire

    +1 on shinkos throwing knobs. On my shinko 244 rear I lost at least 5 knobs and the canvas was showing thats how deep the tears were. I wont use them again. I've had better luck with the 705s on the Varadero (no knobs to rip off). Except that after a couple of years the front has started...
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I agree that smaller is better. 3-4 is optimum for me especially on a dusty road. More won't change my mind though. The change gives me a week of vacation to play with but getting a solid two weeks is still a challenge with my work. I'm thinking to take ten days and skip the festival.
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I'll say chances are slightly better that I will go as I'm going to move my Costa Rica motorcycle trip to February 2022 from November. Frees up a week of vacation. I figure Costa Rica needs a little extra time to get on the vaccination bandwagon. As for group items I was thinking to bring a 60...
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    Where Are All The Electrics?

    I'm holding out for a hydrogen powered bike. fall down go boom!
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    Regular users check in...

    I'm irregular :)
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    I agree. Just to carp on it some more I hate how commenters became commentators, oriented became orientated etc.
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I love the bag of wine idea. SO for these kind of trips I usually try to make a meal plan of sorts before I leave as a lot of the work can be pre-done. It would make sense to stop in a town or city not far from the beginning of remote roads to do some prep and load up on some of the fresh...
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I've got a sil tarp that I rarely carry as its really for groups. Too big when I'm solo to bother with. lightweight and compact though. I usually travel with a spare 17 and 21 tubes and an inflator. I also bring homemade jumper cables. I'm having trouble imagining what kind of rocks on a graded...
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    Additionally I am an old army medic. Rusty but I do keep a standard fa cert current. I am self contained and kitted for independent long range trips. I have no allergies. In not in good physical shape but I know my limits.
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    Dreaming of Trans Taiga

    I'm here. Will follow the conversation. Biggest problem for me is getting the vacation time.
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    97 BMW F650 won't start after 3 yrs...suggested solutions ?

    sure sounds symptomatic of no spark. three years of sitting may equal corrosion on connections. that would be my first thought. but yes coils too
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    Not to hijack just curious. Do you find BMWs to require much more maintenance than Japanese and if so is it a lot more? I keep hearing horror stories which turn me off BMW
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    Bike maintenance lessons

    Guys, I've found this guy has some great videos on motorcycle maintenance. Enjoy!
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    '78 Honda Twin Project

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    New bike

    You should go riding with Rob on his ST!