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  1. versys Rob

    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Am I getting old? I have not been riding in over a week either. I even put one of my bikes in storage for the winter. Just too friggin' cold in the mornings. Much easier to jump into my big warm truck and drive to work. I even have heated gear!
  2. versys Rob

    First US Cross Border Trip Since Covid!!

    Zero issues gong back and forth a couple of times a couple weeks ago weeks ago from NB to Maine. The border officer coming back into Canada was more cooked than the one entering USA. I had nothing to declare so we just waved through. We are off to Vegas in a couple of weeks Let’s see...
  3. versys Rob

    Camper for sale

    Trav lite camper for sale. Very easy to tow. Tons of storage. Sets up in less than 5 mins. 1000% better than laying on the ground in a tent!!! $3000. Located in CBS.
  4. versys Rob

    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    Smugglers cove bike rally. About 400 bikes. 95% Harley’s. we s don’t really fit in with our textile pants and jackets. Great time was had
  5. versys Rob

    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    There used to be a chip truck in keels. Wonder if it is still there?
  6. versys Rob

    Meat Cove

    So apparently this place is an iconic campground for motorcycle camping. Crappy road to get here only to find out they are full. So I just set up on the road but the campground and the fine lady said she would not charge me the camp fee of $45!!! Ching Ching. Flies might carry me away though
  7. versys Rob


    Pizzaman and Debbie were their usual hippy hosts. Fabulous people. I didn’t get to sleep in the hogan(. No idea how spell that). His bike days are probably over. Sold the bmw with sidecar. Buying a van to travel in.
  8. versys Rob


    Crap. That would have been great. It was organized on the ST owners forum but other bikes rode with us. So many forums so little time to meet like minded folks
  9. versys Rob


    Havin’ a time with my camper. Attended WoodSToc in New Brunswick on the weekend. Small turnout, only 7 of us. I’m the only one camping. Tennessee, Philadelphia fellas there. Good eats and great roads. Had lunch with old guy on a bike last week. Stayed with Pizzaman last week. Awesome to...
  10. versys Rob

    Arsenic in NL Water...

    I bring samples to Miller Center. Free testing, but only for E coli and coliform. Where do I go for Arsnic testing and how much? And do I really want to know the results. Ignorance may be bliss????????
  11. versys Rob

    Love the white ST!! I ride a fast blue one! You know, the fastest color!!! Look me up if you...

    Love the white ST!! I ride a fast blue one! You know, the fastest color!!! Look me up if you want to spin together, or if you want to have a blue ST next to the white and silver ones for a pic.!! I almost considered purchasing a K1600 last week, but I was leaving for vacation the next day...
  12. versys Rob

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Just finished my first week long shake down ride, 2 up towing trailer. Zero issues. MPG was only slightly worse than one up, loaded with camping gear. I also hit the 100,000 km mark, so I had to stop and take a pic. Visited St. Pierre for first time. One day was enough. Cost $220.00 for 2...
  13. versys Rob

    Need a welder

    I am looking for someone to weld my trailer hitch on to my quad. I have tried twice with my small flux core welder but it will not hold. I have put a large bolt through it with thread locker, but that also comes loose quickly. I have the quad in back of my truck in CBS. Should be an easy job...
  14. versys Rob

    First night in camper

    I thought the big scary crooked guy who woke me from my slumber might have been Murph! I'll pay to see you get in and out of a hammock tent!
  15. versys Rob

    First night in camper

    Shake down ride to st Vincent's yesterday. Free camping right on the beach. Fair number of whales yesterday. Was so nice hearing them spout all night. Too foggy today to see any. Camper pulled nice. Different feeling towing a camper but do great to have the luxury. Only issue was some...
  16. versys Rob

    Ice cream ride

    The more the merrier! Good day to call in sunny!
  17. versys Rob

    Ice cream ride

    I heard whales are active in st Vincent's . We may go there. Meeting at donavans Irving 9:30 tomorrow
  18. versys Rob

    Ice cream ride

    I will confirm details tomorrow for a day ride on Thursday. Thinking we will meet at Donavan's Irving at 9:30. Maybe ride to Cape St. Mary's, but I a open to any and all suggestions.
  19. versys Rob

    Ice cream ride

    Group invite Decided I am taking Thursday June 29 off. Call it a mental health day. I'm doing a day ride from CBS area. Probably stop to boil up or a restaruant, haven't decided. All are welcome. Reply or send me a pm if interested. Versys Rob
  20. versys Rob


    I pity the poor trees that will be put to the test to hold that big ugly lug off the ground. Might have to drive to British Columbia to find 2 suitable trees!!!!!!