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    Look what i found

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    Classic sport bike, modern art.

    I don't remember if I had posted it on here before or not, but a few years back I came into possession of a killer 88 fj1200 for the preverbal song....with only 6160 original kms. The thing is so nice it belongs on display in a dealer, point being I only take it out for the occasional ride...
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    Pandemic projects.....and go.

    Other than binge watching Netflix and planning trips we can’t take, what are some of your pandemic projects? We got up to a ton of stuff around the house. Basically took our vacation money and dumped it into various projects. First off, I picked up a small smoker grill, so this was the...
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    Throwback Thursday.

    You know the deal. One pic, every thursday, ill get it rolling. 2010, Duffman and i stopped somewhere on or enroute to Buchans highway - Soiree 2010.
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    How do we make RTR great again?

    Simple question...How do we try and get back to where we were? or the heydays of riding in NL over?
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    Regular users check in...

    Ive like to see how many people actually use the forums before spending any more coin on it.
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    smugmug video test.

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    Forum software upgraded

    You will notice that the forums look and perhaps act different. We are now running the latest version of the forum software, and it is a major upgrade so there might be a few hiccups...though it appears to be running fine to me. I'm not going to mess with anything to much for while until i see...
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    test test test
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    Bringing the Doctor back to life.

    Several years ago, myself and Andrew hatched a plan to get the Big up here to Alberta. Unfortunately she suffered a failure of a brand new cam chain just before she even got out of the maritimes, and would spend the rest of the trip back to Alberta in a truck. The intent was to get her back on...
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    Little winter project.

    Picked up a super mint FJ1200 with only 6106 kms on it, from its original owner. The guy put those kms on it over its first 10 years of life, then stored it for the next 20 years. calling it a winter project is a bit of an overstatement really, other than 20 years of storage dust, it could have...
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    Rendezvous '18 (Alberta)

    A few shots from our Rendezvous weekend up here in Alberta...little thing we do with we were two up so we did the scenic ride. We had over a hundred bikes in total doing various rides from scenic to advanced off road. more here -...
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    New addition to the garage.

    We picked up a very clean 79 cm400t yesterday. The girlfriend recently completed a motorcycle safety course and this is going to be her first bike. Needs tires and a battery its been sitting in hibernation for a number of years, but she purrs like a kitten when kick started. Even came with a...
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    multiple image test

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    photo test 2

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    photo test

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    I have a plan for fixing RTR....if there is still enough interest in the site

    I have a plan for fixing RTR. I Have new forum software researched and ready to purchase. The timeline would be on my last week of April days off as work and vacation have me busy until then. the question is however, is there enough interest in the site to put the work into it?
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    Welcome to the ATV/UTV section.

    Welcome to the ATV/UTV thread, a place for our members to post and share ATV/UTV specific topics that do not necessarily fit into our normal forum sections. Initially we will take a wait and see as to what the demand is in this section, the intent for it being ATV/UTV focused posts outside of...
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    2012 super tenere for sale. - located in Alberta.

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere. 28288 kms. good fly and ride for someone with time to do a trip. Its got the factory heated grips. After market equipment includes - alt rider crash bars, altrider skid plate, other small altrider parts, longer clutch and front break lines (required for bar risers)...
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    New scoot for 2015.

    New scoot for 2015. Beem working for almost a month and a half straight so i barely got 100 kms on her yet...and not a lot of farkles installed so far. 2015 bmw r1200gsa, every option except shift assist. doesn't look like it, but she makes the tenere look like a much smaller bike.