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  1. JMP

    RTR represented on the IBDR

    Myself and a few AB riders rode the Idaho Backroads Discovery Route over the last 11 days, there was a RTR sticker that made the whole adventure. Spelling updated :)
  2. JMP

    Ecuador Freedom Ride

    Myself and my wife went to Ecuador mid February and rented through Ecuador Freedom, used a GS850 for two weeks. Seven bikes in total, 1 was the lead and two bikes rode with two up, also had a sweep truck. Really great adventure and more intense than I thought. The average KM's were a low of...
  3. JMP

    New acquaintance - Rubikon Adventures

    Hey folks, a friend of a friend will be travelling from Seattle to Labrador possibly this year and I pointed him to RTR for local info, hopefully he will introduce himself here. He is Grizz Lee from Rubikon Adventures. I shared with him that you have helped folks in the past. All the best and...
  4. JMP

    Cypress Hills Alberta/Saskatchewan

    Since I haven't signed on for a while here is another video of a dual sport camping trip to the Interprovincial park in Cypress Hills AB.SK this past summer
  5. JMP

    Baja 2021

    After a two year delay I managed to get to Baja to complete the peninsula ride this past October, here's a video - a little long but covers a lot :)
  6. JMP

    A couple of new Alberta/BC videos

    Hello all, here are a couple of videos from this last week based out of Calgary. One is light dual sport(dirt roads) and the other is a "Ride and Hike" to Field BC through Banff. If you make it out this way let me know, there are lots of good rides available. I look forward to riding on the...
  7. JMP

    Baja Ride 2020

    This is a 7 day trip that includes 6 days of riding off road motorcycles across the full Baja peninsula through the Chris Haines Tour Company. I have travelled to Baja with this company twice previously and they provide a great service. It starts in San Diego, CA on Oct 16, 2020 - you are picked...
  8. JMP

    Out West rides

    Hello all, just on RTR checking out some of the forum, pic's and vid's. One day I'll get a chance to come back and ride again, for now here are a couple of videos with the Meetup group I ride with out of Calgary - The Rocky Mountain Riders - RMR :) This group does overnight trips as well as...
  9. JMP

    Baja 2018

    Hello all, made a trip to do the full ride of the Baja Peninsula on dirt bikes about 10 days ago. An excellent trip despite an unfortunate broken bone... We used Chris Haines for the supported ride, can't say enough on this company. Here's a video of the trip
  10. JMP

    Montana 2018

    Hello RTR folks, here's a video of a trip last weekend with a few folks from the group I hang out with in Alberta, RMR (Rocky Mountain Riders). Three days, two nights 2600km
  11. JMP

    2010 Skibum Soiree

    Before the great site crash we had various ride reports of the 2010 Soiree as well as many other great ride reports. Unfortunately all gone now. I found my pics from then and since I was playing with the new video software thought it would be good to give the old Soiree a rebirth.
  12. JMP

    Baja ride

    He guys, we did a 4 day ride in Baja, Mexico last weekend and it amounted to 3 days of riding. The company we used was Chris Haines and they were very professional - each night the bikes had chains adjusted, cables lubed, oil topped up, etc and were already started for us in the morning to...
  13. JMP

    Calgary to Hyder Alaska - weekend trip

    Hello all, here's a few pics of a weekend trip from Calgary AB to Hyder Alaska starting on a Thursday afternoon and finishing on Sunday night. 2018 mile(3248kms), it was a good weekend. Three bikes, all different - KTM 1290, Gold Wing and my FJR1300. The first night was in a tent, the second...
  14. JMP

    Mexico - Baja Ride

    Hello all, my brother and I are doing a Baja ride this fall with Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company. It looks like a good trip and I will post up some pics afterwards. They have 4, 5 and 7 day trips and we have opted for the 4 just to try it out. The link for their website is...
  15. JMP

    Rocky Mountain Ride 2015

    These pics aren't in NL as I have relocated out west but I still read this forum and enjoy the pics and commentary. These are a few pics of a recent ride from Calgary through Black Diamond, Longview, Highwood Pass, Exshaw and Cochrane. I rented a 2015 BMW GS1200 and there are a few companies...
  16. JMP

    Ride the Rock...ies

    Hello all, I don't log in here much anymore as I live out west now. I do view the posts quite often and enjoy seeing pics from rides and comments from fellow riders many of who I met through RTR. Most of my riding these days is camping with kids in a trailer but I rented a Harley Street Glide...
  17. JMP

    Dream Rangers

    Here's a neat video