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  1. townieglenn

    Bike value questions

    Anyone know a good way to determine the value of a used motorcycle ? Lots of info on autos on that Internet but I'm having a hard time finding a reliable source for bike valiues in CDN dollars...Ebay is good too to get ballpark figures but I'm looking for something more official. JD Power was...
  2. townieglenn

    Cave locations

    Anyone know of a cave large enough to drive a pick up truck into on the Island ? Needs to be accessible for regular 4x4 vehicles. Tall order I know- It's for a project I might be involved in later the year.
  3. townieglenn

    What are you reading ?

    Since the weather has not been all that favourable of late , I've been able to get a bit more reading in. The" holding a book in your hands" kinda reading. Currently re-reading this account of utter insanity. This guy is about as bonkers as it gets when it comes to Moto Misadventures unless...
  4. townieglenn

    carb cleaner

    Looking for guidance..while I am familiar with spray type brake parts cleaner, is there a difference between that and carburettor cleaner ? I know I can always "ask my phone" but I'll try to keep it local first. I have a new set of float bowl gaskets for my Bing carbs on the R80 but the bowls...
  5. townieglenn

    NL Classifieds

    Just saw a few nice bikes for sale over on Kijijij this morning..looks like they might be leftovers from the Puglisevitch collection? There's an ice HD 250 dirt bike that I'd have in a flash. Good looking Dnepr there too
  6. townieglenn

    bike rental - long shot

    As it buddy is looking to rent a larger bike for a week end of the month. He's coming from Halifax and needs to go to Gander to see his folks. Everything I have is out of commission for the time being except the TW. He's will to pay good $$. has a couple nice Beemers in the stable in...
  7. townieglenn

    97 BMW F650 won't start after 3 yrs...suggested solutions ?

    Hi Folks- It's time for me to stop abusing my 1982 R/80 GS and put the F650 back on the road ..aside from replacing the original starter, ( remember, anyone? Murph? saved by the kickstart pedal that time ) I've not had to do much to this bike other than gas and oil :) So I've re-assembled the...
  8. townieglenn

    dyna beads

    Any one have any experience with Dyna beads ? I know this topic was up a few years back..but that was then. I just switched the tires on the F-bomb back to knobbies..I don't have them balanced yet but was wondering if anyone can comment...usage would be 50-50 on/off road...
  9. townieglenn

    where to find ice screws/studs for Motorcycle Tires

    Just picked up a spare set of tires &wheels for the TW with the intention of adding ice studs or screws to make a set of winter tires..anybody know where I can find these locally?
  10. townieglenn

    heated riding gear

    Hi Folks- any thoughts on the best prices for Heated Liners available locally? I need to replace the Gerbings liner that I have somehow managed to lose...Got the gloves and the Heat-troller. I may go with a vest instead of full liner this time...
  11. townieglenn

    out and about on two wheels in Port Rexton area..

    Good weather out here ...thinking I'll hit the rail bed and a few fave trails... I have yet to ride the TW in snow. any one else on 2 wheels out this way?
  12. townieglenn

    trinity loop to Charleston yesterday

    I took the TW over to Trinity Loop then followed the dirt road back out to the 230- nice little diversion with some scenic ponds. Jumped on the railbed then towards's in really good shape save for the last bit as you approach Charleston. Managed to get through one washout thad...
  13. townieglenn

    TW 200 on NL Classifieds

    any one familiar with the TW on NL Classifieds? My buddy is looking at it. $1200- no papers 22,000 kms ...