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  1. Wayne

    Waste Oil

    Jesus Christ Tony. Are you an annoying fuck with everyone? Or are you just an annoying fuck with some?
  2. Wayne

    Waste Oil

    I grew up in a cabin using an oil burning kitchen stove. Similar to the one in the pic. I’ve never owned a wood burning stove. But I know several that use motor oil to start their wood stove.
  3. Wayne

    Waste Oil

    Ok. Well pour the oil back in oil containers and drop it off at Robin Hood Bay recycling, like everyone else. That way you can recycle the used bottle too.
  4. Wayne

    Waste Oil

    If you have a wood stove at your cabin, you can burn it.
  5. Wayne

    KTM 890

    Fnf had an 890 early this year, not sure if they still have it. But I did see this ad. Beauty bike.
  6. Wayne

    LG Fridge Filter

    LG fridge filter, new and sealed in it’s original packaging. $25
  7. Wayne

    Team Orange

    How could I not? Take my money. Just take it.
  8. Wayne

    Helmet review

    My first traditional lens developed cracking around the holes for the pinlock. Warranty replaced it, and the replacement developed the same cracking. KLIM will replace the lens again. And I’ve been told that there has been an updated version. Other than that, the helmet is great. Light weight...
  9. Wayne

  10. Wayne

    Sightings (or maybe: whoo... whooo were you)

    Yup it was me. I saw you in my mirror making the pass. I was hoping it would of been a bit cooler. But it was hot the entire day.
  11. Wayne

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yes, great guys there. And the motobatt has a 2 year warranty too.
  12. Wayne

    Went for a ride today...never ending hi-jack thread

    KTM makes some great bikes for exploring. Here’s a video shared by none other, Backdraft!
  13. Wayne


    I did ride with mine last night and they felt nice in the hot temps. Here's the writeup on mine: D3O® knuckle bar provides shock absorption and impact protection. (Passed the EN388:2016 impact test) Flexible Spandex stretch back made from WasteNot™ Spandex — comprised of 96% PET bottles! Heavy...
  14. Wayne

    Throwback Thursday.

    It's so fast that it can go back in time. And no comment on my excellent jumping and stopping skills? I stuck the landing!
  15. Wayne

    Throwback Thursday.

    I was there, you must not have seen me.
  16. Wayne


    My co worker in Campbell River (who also rides KTM) sent me a nice pair of gloves with DO3 armor. Only $37
  17. Wayne


    Haven’t been on a bike in over a week. Too warm for my liking.
  18. Wayne


  19. Wayne


    Any interest in this piano desk? Make an offer. Gotta go.
  20. Wayne

    Throwback Thursday.

    10 years ago on this very day, PEI.