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  1. Wayne

    KTM 890

    Fnf had an 890 early this year, not sure if they still have it. But I did see this ad. Beauty bike.
  2. Wayne

    LG Fridge Filter

    LG fridge filter, new and sealed in it’s original packaging. $25
  3. Wayne

    Team Orange

    How could I not? Take my money. Just take it.
  4. Wayne


  5. Wayne

    Yard sale

    June 4th at 26 Hall’s rd in airport heights. (Actually my in laws stuff). Four different types of camps stoves Battery trickle charger Mustang floater suit like new size med One of my old m/c jackets Salmon flies, qty 125 Light fixtures Quad mirrors Etc etc etc
  6. Wayne

    Anyone riding today?

    I think I might check out the baccalieu trail today.
  7. Wayne

    Where’s Doug?

    I can’t remember his name. I think Doug? Had a Husky 610. Looking for his contact info.
  8. Wayne

    Mysa Thermostat

    MYSA thermostat to be used in conjunction with a smart phone app, NEW in box. For mini split.
  9. Wayne

    Spring or fall?

    Spring or Falldown. This morning looks beautiful, light dew on the ground, sun and blue sky a birds singing. Then my first step on my back deck and down I went! That dew was icy! Nothing broken, but a cut on my elbow, sore wrist, my neck is stiff and my shoulder is sore. :(
  10. Wayne


    Open to offers!
  11. Wayne

    TT vs TL type tires

    I decided to go straight to the horses mouth when it comes to TT vs TL type tires. Jeff at Continential has been a great contact, and he sent along the following bulletin.
  12. Wayne

    Shop local they said

    Shopping for an item, and got these prices for the exact item: GPBikes $328 Pete's $280 FortNine $284 BlackFoot $269 and LOCAL for the same product is $455
  13. Wayne

    Got Gas

    Read this on VOCM: "A gas price watcher expects prices to rise in Newfoundland and Labrador not only tomorrow but for the foreseeable future. Dan McTeague of Canadians for Affordable Energy predicts that gas, diesel and home heating fuel will all cost more tomorrow—about 1.1 cents. Simply...
  14. Wayne

    How’s your eyesight

  15. Wayne

    Battery Tender Plus

    In 2015 I bought a Battery Tender Plus, which has a 10 year warranty. In 2016, I had to exchange it for a new one. Then in 2018 I had to yet exchange it again. And yesterday I exchanged it yet again.....but this time the only one they had was the next higher model, 3amp for a few bucks more...
  16. Wayne


    Cold and snowy….fortech must be on the Rock!
  17. Wayne

    Ducati Desert X

    Thoughts? I like it
  18. Wayne

    Winch Cable - Field Repair

    Saw this video, and thought I'd share. Definitely a good tip for a field repair!
  19. Wayne

    Worn out front TKC80

  20. Wayne

    Christmas is soon