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  1. townieglenn

    Lighthouse Game

    I think it goes without saying there needs to be a couple of basic rules here ... 1-your bike in the picture 2- you should put considerable effort into sampling unless restricted by religious practice
  2. townieglenn

    Lighthouse Game

    I'm thinking about doing this with brew pubs this summer ...I'll start here
  3. townieglenn

    Easter Tire

    Personally I've never bought cheap rubber. On any thing I've ever driven. Why take the chance ?
  4. townieglenn

    St. Pierre et Miquelon - car ferry

    I'm looking forward to a trip over with a bike . nice beaches for camping and great food. I worked on a movie over there about 25 yrs ago. I would not recommend visiting in February
  5. townieglenn


    2 more sizeable productions just showed up on the roster..will definitely need to fly in Crew. The Atlantic bubble will certainly affect the first one out of the gate
  6. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    Lobster feast at the big table- July 2016 then on to Bonavista the following day.
  7. townieglenn

    Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2021

    The union that covers us , IATSE 709 is accepting resumes from anyone who is interested in working in the Film and Television Industry in a kind of recruitment drive. Initially they reached out to CONA and a couple of other training institutions and will also be advertising on social media soon...
  8. townieglenn

    Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2021

    I can hook you up..I'm lined up til after Christmas Lots of work here this summer..and not enough crew. Bit of a recruitment drive on now. Send me a PM and I'll give you details
  9. townieglenn

    disillusioned but hopeful

    disillusioned but hopeful
  10. townieglenn

    All things food related

    We will go to the Duke and eat chicken wings today just to be heathens. Terry found it funny the first time its a tradition
  11. townieglenn

    Roads End

    Yes - first one was introduced only a few years ago. And they seem to occur in pairs alot for some reason...
  12. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    Horse Chops - English Harbour
  13. townieglenn

    Roads End

    Some years back ,shortly after the Land Rover dealer opened on Topsail Rd , there was on display in the showroom the original Land Rover that Joey Smallwood allegedly drove across the island on the fresh cut for the TCH. Apparently quite a rough ride- I remember the guy we spoke to showing me...
  14. townieglenn

    Cock-a-doodle-do Rally - slight reset to July 23 & 24

    Last time I was there I woke before the rooster...I usually do. That was the time my starter failed. Gotta love the kickstarter
  15. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    Barvarian engineering ...unsupported with a full tank and no hard luggage .There's also a video of it gently rocking back and forth in a light breeze
  16. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    no...that was a solo run. Couple of nights randomly looking for nice place to set up. But I do remember the day you mention
  17. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    some where near Madrocks methinks
  18. townieglenn

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I run AGM batteries in the 800 and 650 for years now.And a monster AGM in my work van. Everything is plugged in if sitting for more than a week or so and I never have any issues. Well worth the $$. On my last job I took the 650 to work(late Dec) so I could leave the van at work. Finished at 2AM...
  19. townieglenn

    Throwback Thursday.

    I built this rig for the Donny Dunphy movie " How to be Deadly"..the camera operator sat with his back to the uprights and foam with the camera placed on the deck. The shot required Donny , in a near perpetual state of "wheelie-ing ", to roll a joint and hold a beer while while kicking his...
  20. townieglenn


    The helmet just made sense to me..that pic was actually taken last year during the worst of Snowmaggeddon. Had a few days of white out conditions but the snowmobile guys were out in all day in it wearing.... helmets. Suddenly I was warm and dry and could just wipe off the visor or open up a bit...